Blogging is the Most Powerful Tool in Digital era to Stand Out

The days are gone a while ago when we used to create a website and leave it up on chance. Fresh and unique content is the need of the hour for websites to stand out and blog posts are no exception. 

Why do you need Blog Posts in Your Website?

Search Engines crave unique, fresh content for ranking websites as per the keyword searches. Digital Marketing and organic traffic rely on more quality and informative posts. Here are some facts for better clarification of this question – 

  • Your webpages are 434% more likely to be indexed by Google with blogs than your competitors’ websites without blogs.
  • Your website can have 97% more organic traffic with blogs than without blogs.
  • Email traffic can be 50% higher with blogging.
  • You can get 67% more leads with blogging than websites without blogs.

Publishing blog posts on regular basis boosts conversions, grabs new leads, establish your website as an authority and improve brand awareness in your industry. Direct consumers and businesses conduct online research for services and products before getting in touch with anyone. This is why blog posts are so important.

How do our experts create a blog post that speaks volume for your business?

It is important to understand what is going to make your blog post appealing to the audience with relevant information. If a blog post is uninteresting or have no reach, it is pointless. Here’s what we do to create an efficient blog post –


Before getting started, our writers evaluate your target audience, what information would be helpful to them, and services or products you want to sell. We review your plan to find the right fit for your goals. A marketing persona(s) is created to target your audience.

Topic Selection

After research, a relevant topic is selected with your target persona or group. We create an editorial schedule regarding times to publish your articles. Keep in mind that it takes time and consistency to get desired outcomes even with well-researched and well-written content.

Getting Started

When it comes to begin, we craft an appealing opening for a blog post because first several paragraphs are the key to grab readers’ mind before they switch to more interesting content. We attempt to hook your readers in the first paragraph itself. We use tactics like triggering an emotion or desire to solve problems and challenging their beliefs to convince them to keep reading the blog till the end.

Creating an article worth scanning

We use short sentences, subheads, bold text, bullet points, and other approaches, so that readers can easily get what they want. Even though they are in a hurry, they would be at least compelled to bookmark the article and read it later.

Text with media

We don’t bore the audience with plain text. We insert graphics and photos to make a blog post livelier to hold attention. Videos are even more interesting to break down complicated topics.

Keyword Research for Better Optimization

Keyword research is an important part of Digital Marketing. It is important to find out what are the widely-used terms used by customers when looking for a service or product you offer. We create a list of both long-tail and short-tail keywords to be used in your blog. We include only relevant keywords to land your potential customers to your website.


We share your blog posts on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. while adding push notifications on your website to inform the readers when you post a new content on your website after signup. We can also promote your blog with paid advertising, newsletters, and other methods.


We include a compelling “Call to Action” to remind the readers why they should buy your service or product and create a sense of urgency in customers’ mind to take interest in your offerings.

Timing is the key

Some times and days are ideal to publish blog posts. Our experts know when to get the best results out of your blogging efforts.


We draw an outline to ensure that the article will cover all the aspects that are important for your blog posts.

Why Do You Need our Professional Blogging Services?

Around 3 hours are required to write a blog post on an average. Many people find it hard to write content for their own websites for no results. So, it is best to let our professional writers handle this task as they are trained and experienced to deal with its intricacies. They have all the core competencies to write a compelling blog post. We can deliver a huge number of quality posts that your website needs in the stipulated timeframe.

There are several benefits of relying on Grownle for blogging solutions. First, you don’t have to hire a permanent staff merely for writing content and there is no need to sift through job portals and resumes to find the best candidate. Second, we have an excellent team of bloggers and writers with expertise and vast exposure to different industries. Here are some other reasons to choose us –

  • We are flexible enough to handle all small and large projects efficiently without any problem.
  • You will get exactly what you pay for. There are no fixed costs as we enable our clients to pay on per-word basis.
  • You don’t have to worry about any complex paperwork before starting any project.
  • Rest assured to get 100% unique and plagiarism-free content


Basically, the length of a blog post varies on the context and your goals. A lot of blog posts are written in 300 words only. Ideally, longer blog posts should be written for better search ranks. Considering the goals, here are the average lengths of blog posts –

  • For Digital Marketing – Up to 2500 words
  • Pillar posts – Around 4000 words
  • For Lead generation – Around 2500 words
  • For How-to’s – up to 2000 words
  • For listicles – up to 2600 words

Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule on how many words for what kind of articles. If your topic is covered within 500, 700 or 1000 words, there is nothing wrong in it. The key here is to add value to the content. A blog post shouldn’t have any fluff words or fillers just to achieve a specific length.

It also depends upon various factors. Quality level of the content and expertise of a writer also matter. It goes without saying that writers with several years of experience in this business for delivering top-quality content deserve more than an inexperienced, part-time writer who has just started. Technical theme or any topic which is not easy to understand is another factor which demands more money.

You may save money by hiring freelancers and avoid the middleman. A lot of digital marketing agencies offer package deal for blog writing. The upfront cost of freelancing may sound cheaper but there is no guarantee of desired results. Sometimes, a kill fee is borne by the client for content that has no use and more effort and time is spent to look for another writer. An agency may demand additional fees for several revisions.

At Grownle, you can rest assured with free revisions in case our piece doesn’t match your standards. We are the one-stop solution for cost-effective blog writing.

Again, it depends upon your own preferences and goals. One thing is for sure. We come up with a schedule and stick to it because your readers and customers expect new posts at certain timeframe.

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