News And Editorial SEO Summit: October 29-30, 2024 

“In the world of SEO, which means Search Engine Optimization, a one-size-fits-all solution is as rare as the perfect theme. News and Editorial SEO strategies summit will help us to dive into the complex landscapes of search engine optimization, where tailored strategies reign supreme.” —especially publishing in an ever-changing media field.

The News & Editorial SEO Summit (NESS) is explicitly designed for the publishing industry. NESS SEO is your compass through the complex maze. If you’re in the storytelling business, NESS is built just for you, delivering insights that hit hard news and editorial content.

SEO in the publishing world is your path to success. Now, let’s dive deep into the details of the events.

What Is The News And Editorial SEO Summit?

There is a distinct void within the SEO community and conferences, one that hasn’t yet been filled by a phenomenon of active media and dedicated SEO professionals taking advantage of strategic news sites.

What is the News and Editorial SEO Summit? 

The NESS (News and Editorial SEO Summit) is a series of events dedicated to news publishers and editors; it helps them to know and grow their organic search traffic. NESS helps by bringing the best minds together in SEO and the publication industry.

Dates And Venue For The Event

The NESS is going live on the 29th and 30th of October, where you will get SEO experts to deliver their experience and share their valuable insights. 

Dates and Venue for the Event

This News and Editorial SEO Summit will be the first online event by NESS, focusing more on the news and publishers that need to know how to grow their search base traffic and their needs.

Event Organizer And Their Theme

NESS is a global event brought by, a highly engaged SEO community among news on the web. This time, as John Shehata, the NESS founder, said, there will be more sessions and speakers and 2 hours of a Q&A session where the audience can ask questions regarding the sessions and anything else.

The significant things that you will be discovering during these sessions are:

  • The latest SEO build for publishers
  • Drive Google Algorithms for News
  • Effective Strategies for articles and news
  • How to build a career in news SEO

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Past NESS 2023 Featured Speakers

In 2024, the organizers have yet to declare the speakers, but let’s glimpse the speakers from the past year. In NESS 2023, it was set to feature experienced voices from today’s leading research experts alongside well-respected publications.

Past NESS 2023 featured speakers

The most excellent SEO mindset speakers of NESS 2023 are as follows.

  1. Lily Ray: Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research, Amsive Digital.
  2. Barry Adams: Specialized SEO Consultant for News Publishers.
  3. Glenn Gabe is an SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive.
  4. Richard Nazarewicz: Global SEO & Discovery Lead, BBC Studios.
  5. Kevin Indig: Growth Advisor.
  6. Claudio Cabrera: VP Audience and Newsroom Strategy, The Athletic.
  7. Wil Reynolds: CEO at Seer Interactive.
  8. Jes Scholz: Marketing Consultant, Formerly CMO at Ringer.
  9. John Shehata: CEO & Founder at Newzdash.
  10. Anna Sbuttoni: Deputy Audience Editor, The Times & Sunday Times

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Glimpses Of Sessions From The Past Year Of NESS 2023

This year, the organizers have yet to declare the sessions, but we can anticipate that they will be as thrilling as the past year’s events. Let’s examine the series of events planned in the previous year.

As for 2023, there were ten individual events per summit and two break points for the summit where the audience could ask the speakers (SEO Experts) to clarify their doubts.  Shehata said this year’s event will be a timely subject of news SEOs.

The topics for the NESS 2023 event are as follows:

  1. Major Google Algorithm Updates and Their Impact on News Publishers
  2. The Need for Speed: SEO Strategies for Rapid Crawling
  3. AI won’t replace writers. It will make them 10x better. This is how.
  4. Taking Newsroom SEO Priorities Through to Product and Tech Roadmaps
  5. Technical SEO for Publishing Sites in 2023
  6. How SEO Is Reshaping ‘Classic’ Newsrooms
  7. Winning in Google Discover (Without Losing in Organic Search)
  8. Elevating Your Enterprise SEO Game: Scaling Tactics for Massive Websites
  9. How Audience and News SEO Can Influence a Newsroom
  10. Future of SEO by Wil Reynolds

Serese of Events will help you to boost your website’s organic traffic.

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A Perfect Summit for News Editors, Publishers, and Website Developers.

This Summit is perfect due to the following reasons for news editors, publishers, and website developers:

  • Website developers looking to align their websites with the latest Google technology standards should implement SEO best practices for easy searching.
  • It helps Directors focusing on audience development find new ways to improve traffic flow and open new avenues for organic exploratory tourism.
  • Editors can bring their news to the top Google searches and get more views.
  • SEO Managers can get insights into people’s interests and know editors properly, which helps them work together.

The event ticket cost varies from around $200 to $300; they provide recordings under the same price range.

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Event FAQs

What is NESS 2024?

John Shehata and Barry Adams will organize NESS 2024, the News and Editor SEO Summit, as an online event tailored for news publications. This marks their fourth event following the 2023, 2022, and 2021 successes. The summit will feature speakers from around the globe, engaging in discussions about the latest SEO techniques and Google search algorithms aimed at enhancing your website's traffic.

Is NESS an online event?

Yes, it is a purely virtual and online event. When you register, you will receive a link to the virtual event space; you can watch each talk live and ask questions to our speakers. There will also be virtual networking tables for other attendees to meet.

Is talk available for viewing later?

Yes, recordings will be available, and you can parched them after the completion of the event and can watch them anytime, anywhere. However, the recordings will be only available after the completion of NESS 2024. Recording for non-registered users will cost around 200$ to 300$ for the whole summit.

Are there discounts for groups?

Yes, if you have more than ten tickets to buy for your group, you can contact them to get more details regarding discounts.