SMX Paris: March 14-15th, 2024 

Step Advertisers and fans alike have been enthusiastically welcomed into the digital frontier by SMX Paris 2024. This blog will be your companion in this giant ocean of ideas, trends, and networking opportunities during the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) scheduled for March 14th and 15th, 2024, at the famous Étoile Business Center.

Through a well-thought-out group of speakers, engaging sessions, and the fast pulse of digital innovation, we will plunge into SMX Paris 2024 world, search engine marketing (SEM), and optimization (SEO) on this blog. 

Follow us on this virtual journey to uncover why SMX Paris remains an event that no one can afford to miss in these constantly changing fields of internet marketing. Get ready to dive deep into the very essence of digital strategies as we dig together toward what lies ahead for search marketing.

What Exactly is SMX Paris?

SMX Paris is a world-class digital marketing conference dedicated to search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO). This conference gathers leaders in the field to talk about what’s hot and happening regarding internet advertising.

What Exactly is SMX Paris?

SMX Paris offers an excellent opportunity for practitioners who want to know more about the dynamic environment of digital advertising, with a particular focus on boosting their visibility and relevance on search engines.

To achieve that, they would engage in panel discussions, seminars, or presentations to get insights into how best to expose their businesses online and keep up with the ever-changing techniques that guarantee success in the online world.

Where is SMX Paris Taking Place?

SMX Paris, the long-awaited Search Marketing Expo, would be exciting for digital enthusiasts during its 13th edition on March 14 and 15, 2024, in the heart of Paris.

Where is SMX Paris Taking Place? 

The Étoile Business Center is preparing to host two days of unmatched insights, networking, and industry revelations. With time ticking towards zero hours, here is a detailed look into what attendees should expect from this leading global conference.

SMX Paris, 2024: Overview

SMX Paris experience covers two vibrant conference days with two parallel streams catering to diverse interests.

SMX Paris 2024 Overview

This gathering is meant to gather as much information as possible, with more than 50 professionals from France and abroad scheduled to give their talks. Its rich program offers almost 20 lectures covering the latest SEO, SEA, and Social Media trends.

Who is Coming to SMX Paris 2024?

SMX Paris 2024 is meant for a wide range of audiences, which include:

– Corporate Search Marketing experts – SEO/SMO/SEA specialists in agencies

– Marketing managers and directors who want to strengthen their service provider management skills

– Webmasters and site administrators looking for effective and sustainable web referencing approaches.

The conference aims to increase knowledge and create a strong network within the digital marketing industry.

Highlights of Last Edition 2023:

On its 12th edition, SMX Paris invited Lily Ray, Senior Director of SEO and head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital, as an exceptional keynote speaker. Lily Ray performed an energetic set at the SEMY AWARDS cocktail party, bringing another touch to the event through her deep SEO research work.

Purna Virji, a well-known author, was one of the keynote speakers who shared some insights on content that changes LinkedIn and beyond. These highlights raise the standard for the next 2024 edition, which promises an outstanding lineup of speakers.

Meet the Board of Directors:

This ensures that SMX Paris remains updated on industry trends and addresses the diverse interests of its delegates as it comprises a group of experts from various fields.

Meet the Board of Directors

1. Erlé Alberton is Reezocar’s Head of Marketing Technology and SEO Expert.

2. Sophie Attali is the CEO and Founder of Marevcom.

3. Web Marketing Consultant Sophie Blanchetière

4. Florian Bouchaud is the LinkedIn Marketing Services Agency Partner Lead.

5. Aymeric Bouillat is a Havas Market Technical SEO Consultant.

6. Bruno Guyot: Consultant in Digital Marketing

7. Virgile Juhan is an SEO Director for a Web agency.

8. Laurent Rignault is the CEO and Founder of EXPERTISM.

9. Mathilde Vanaldervelt is the general manager of growth hacking at Altavia Wetail.

Consisting of numerous experts, this group ensures that the conference is constantly in touch with industry trends and reflects its attendees’ diverse interests.

Year After Year, Success Grows:

SMX Paris has grown its reputation and participation every single year. In 2023, 194 firms attended, with 274 Search professionals.

Year After Year, Success Grows:

The event was successful because it had excellent speaker panels, which are the best in the industry, its conference topics were on top of current trends, and it merged marketing and technical perspectives.

Participant’s Testimonials:

This is what participants from previous editions had to say.

– “Top organization and interventions!”

– “A true pleasure!” That’s why SMX is the SEO & SEM event of the year for experts.”

– “Very good, interesting, and lively.”

These endorsements speak volumes about the impact and worth of SMX Paris on its participants.

Global Affiliation and Industry Perspective

SMX Paris, part of Third Door Media’s globally known Search Marketing Expo conference series, is meant to deliver deep insights into the ever-changing world of search marketing. Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, two industry stalwarts, created this series.

Global Affiliation and Industry Perspective

“Search is a ‘desire cast,’ a perfect advertising medium in which customers tell advertisers exactly what they want.” To hear this desirecast, all the advertisers have to do is listen. – Danny Sullivan’s

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Opportunities For Collaboration:

The sponsors and exhibitors are invited to enter as new partners for SMX Paris. In fact, for companies involved in digital marketing, this conference offers an excellent opportunity to showcase their products and services. This means partnering with SMX Paris can provide networking and collaborative avenues in this fast-moving business.

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Stay in Touch

To keep up with the latest updates and debates, follow SMX Paris on social media at #smxparis. Participate in the community through Facebook and Twitter. Much is happening in the digital world; those platforms are like the heartbeat of real-time exchanges.

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Q1.What is SMX Paris 2024? – SMX

A. Paris 2024 is a major digital marketing conference focused on search engine marketing (SEM) and optimization (SEO). This conference will take place on March 14th and 15th, 2024, at the Place de l’Étoile Business Center in Paris, France, where industry leaders will discuss the latest trends and strategies in the online advertising business.

Q2. Who should go to SMX Paris?

A. Among other people, SMX Paris attracts corporate search marketers, professional SMO/SEA/SEO experts, marketing managers/directors, and web admins who want to enhance their site referencing skills.

Q3. How has SMX Paris changed over time?

A. It has become trendy, with 274 search experts from 194 firms during the previous edition, 2023. The event’s standing lies behind its reputable speakers and relevant conference topics, as a mixture of marketing and technical perspectives that are evenly balanced.


The countdown for SMX Paris 2024 is ticking, so attendees can expect a conference full of experiences, new acquaintances, and complex search marketing strategies that will improve the future.

It’s important to schedule these dates and register as soon as possible so that you can join us in this unforgettable adventure in the heart of Paris.

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