ADworld Experience 2024: Everything to Know

The ADworld Experience is a conference known for its excellent content and fun experience. The convention provides a platform for meeting enterprise experts, entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing representatives, and digital media fanatics from all over the globe.

The convention has numerous workshops held by the speakers, who are experts in their subjects. You can gain useful insights about industry topics like online marketing, lead generation, social media management, and more by attending this event.

If you adore learning and want to understand the fine practices, share your understanding, develop your professional ethics, and find business leads, then ADworld Experience 2024 can be perfect for you. The ADWorld Experience ensures that the conference is worth the price you pay and the time you invest.

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Event Details- ADworld Experience

ADworld 2024: Benefits and Registration

Participants in the event are expected to gain several invaluable benefits from the conference:

  • Top Insights: ADWorld Experience is renowned for presenting modern-day insights and traits in online advertising and marketing. Attending the conference will surely help you to enhance your knowledge about modern practices and technologies that will likely impact the marketing industry in the future.
  • Adapting to Changes: Given the rapid growth of virtual advertising and marketing, the conference also specializes in adapting to the latest regulatory and privacy policy changes. Sessions will focus on navigating situations, including privacy rules, cookie-free tracking, and changing advertising policies.
  • Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Considering the advances in analytics and artificial intelligence, ADworld Experience 2024 features classes using cutting-edge analytics equipment and AI-powered techniques to optimize advertising campaigns, beautify focus, and improve ROI.
  • Networking and Collaboration: A convention, whether in character or virtual, will likely offer attendees adequate networking and collaboration opportunities. Attendees can connect with industry peers, capacity partners, and professionals to exchange ideas, share stories, and build valuable professional relationships.
  • Hands-on Workshops and Case Studies: Interactive workshops and real international case studies provide participants with insights and practical insights that they can immediately apply to their marketing campaigns.

Attending ADworld Experience 2024 could offer online marketing enthusiasts a rare opportunity to gain insights, expand their networks, and stay ahead in the fast-evolving world.

How to Register and Access Ticket Information? – ADworld Experience

You can follow the following simple steps to get your tickets for ADworld Experience 2024:

adworld experience tickets-

  • Go to the tickets section on ADworld Experience’s official website.
  • Pick the ticket type and quantity you want.
  • Fill necessary information.
  • Pay for your tickets.
  • After you pay, you’ll get an e-mail with your tickets.
  • Save that email while you go to the event.
  • Follow any other instructions inside the e-mail or on the website.
  • For any queries, write to the organizers for help.

The various ticketing options available to attend ADworld Experience 2024 are stated below:


Description: 2 days of full pass for live events or online streaming along with access to all seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities


– Live Event: €1000 (discounted to €529) 22% VAT (approx. $1,235 discounted to $651)

– Streaming only: €449 22% VAT (approx. $554)


– Networking Party

– Access to all PDF slides

– Access to all videos


Description: A full 2-day skip to a residential event or online stream that includes entry to all seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities


– Live Event: €900 (discounted to €429) 22% VAT (approximately $1,112 discounted to $531)

– Streaming only: €349 22% VAT (approx. $429)


– Networking Party

– Access to all PDF slides


Description: One-day seminar or case ticket (live or streaming), including entry to all seminars, workshops, and networking events on the selected day


– Live Event: €750 (discounted to €329) 22% VAT (approx. $926 discounted to $405)

– Streaming only: €249 22% VAT (approx. $306)


– Access to all PDF images of the selected day

– Access to all videos of the selected day


Description: This is a one-day seminar pass (including live stream access) that includes the right to entry to all seminars, workshops, and networking activities on the selected day


– Live event: €700(discounted to €269) 22% VAT (approximately $861 with a discount of $330)

– Streaming only: €199 22% VAT (approx. $245)


-Access to all PDFslides of the selected day

Please note that USD prices are approximate conversions based on delivered costs in Euros and current exchange rates. You should check with the organizers and the website to find the right price when you purchase.

Planning and Participation- ADworld Experience

Setting goals before attending AdWorld Experience 2024 can greatly enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of the event. Here are some potential targets you might think of:

  • Networking: Connect with business professionals, experienced clients, and colleagues and expand your professional community.
  • Learning: Attend keynote lectures, workshops, and interactive discussions and explore the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in marketing and advertising.
  • Skill Development: Attend conferences or workshops to improve your skills in digital advertising, data analysis, or creative advertising.
  • Market Research: Gather statistics on competition, market trends, and customer behavior to inform your destiny of advertising techniques and campaigns.
  • Inspiration: Look for ideas from successful campaigns, creative executions, or industry leaders to fuel your creativity and innovation in your images.
    adworld experience Program-

Prioritize these goals based on your unique interests and create a plan to achieve them during AdWorld Experience 2024.

Reviewing the Event Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the AdWorld Experience 2024:

Day 1: October 17th

Italian Market (Londra Room)

– 09:30-10:00: TBD

– 10:00-10:30: Luca Bove – Local Service Ads best practices

– 10:30-11:00: Chiara Piras – YTAds as e-commerce tool

– 11:00-11:30: Coffee Break

– 11:30-12:00: Giuseppe Scollo – Importance of Google Ads

– 12:00-12:30: Andrea Atzori – Dynamics of Google Ads

International Market (Parigi Room)

– 09:30-10:15: Navah Hopkins – TBD

– 10:15-11:00: Adriaan Dekker – Latest Pmax updates

– 11:00-11:30: Coffee Break

– 11:30-13:00: Ruben Runneboom – Google Ads Masterclass

Multiplatform (Madrid Room)

– 09:30-10:15: Sante J. Achille – SEO advertising

– 10:15-11:00: André Morys – Facebook Ads Masterclass

– 11:00-11:30: Sarah Sal – Social Media Ads & Storytelling to boost ROI

– 11:30-13:00: TBD

Lunch Break: 13:00-14:00

Afternoon Sessions

  – 14:00-14:45: Felix Beilharz – Where do FB users look?

– 14:45-15:30: TBD

– 15:30-16:00: Coffee Break

Live Clinics: 16:00-17:30

– Google Live Clinic

– Meta Live Clinic

Networking Party: 19:30 onwards

Day 2: October 18th

Morning Sessions

– 09:30-10:15: TBD

– 10:15-11:00: TBD

– 11:00-11:30: Coffee Break

– 11:30-13:00: TBD

Lunch Break: 13:00-14:00

Afternoon Sessions

  – 14:00-14:30: Federica Brancale – Growth planning

– 14:30-15:00: Alberto Narenti – Strategie di bidding & performance

– 15:00-15:30: Massimo Vichi – TBD

– 15:30-16:00: Coffee Break

Closing Sessions: 16:00-17:30

Prize Giving and Round Table: Begins at 17:30

Please note that some sessions are still to be determined (TBD), and attendees should check for updates closer to the event date. For the latest details, check this link.

Featured Speakers

AdWorld Experience 2024 will feature speakers specializing in various aspects of online advertising. Here is a summary of some of the speakers at the convention:
adworld experience speakers-

  • Navah Hopkins: PPC marketing expert Navah brings her expertise to the event, offering insights into the latest trends and strategies in online advertising.
  • Ruben Runneboom: As a Google Ads Masterclass instructor, Ruben will share valuable insights and best practices to maximize the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns.
  • John Loomer: Known for his expertise in Facebook advertising, John delivers a masterclass in Facebook advertising, covering advanced strategies for driving ROI and engagement on the platform.
  • Sarah Sal: Sarah focuses on social media advertising and storytelling to increase ROI and provides attendees with practical tips and strategies for making the most of social media platforms.
  • Felix Beilharz: Felix’s session explores where Facebook users are browsing, offering valuable insights for advertisers looking to optimize their targeting and placement strategies on the platform.
  • Federica Brancale: Federica shares insights on growth strategy, helping attendees develop effective strategies to maximize their advertising efforts and achieve long-term success.
  • Alberto Narenti: Alberto is involved in strategic bidding and operational excellence, providing attendees with practical ways to maximize the performance of their online advertising campaigns.
  • Massimo Vichi: Massimo’s session covers various topics related to online advertising, providing attendees with valuable insights and tips they can use to improve their advertising efforts.

Strategies for Active Engagement During the Conference

Being actively involved in some AdWorld Experience 2024 conferences can greatly enhance your regular experience and maximize the cost you get from attending.

ask questions at adworld experience

Here are some strategies to stay engaged:

  • Participate in Q&A Sessions: Take the opportunity to ask questions during presentations or panel discussions. Prepare pre-thought questions based on the content discussed.
  • Network with Participants: Take breaks between periods to communicate with other participants. Exchange contact records, discuss common pastimes, and build relationships that can lead to fateful collaborations or partnerships.
  • Attend Workshops and Interactive Seminars: Attend workshops and interactive sessions offering hands-on news exposure. These periods often offer valuable hands-on opportunities and enable direct engagement with the content.
  • Join Roundtable Discussions: Participate in Roundtable discussions or smaller institutions if available. These settings often allow for more intimate and focused conversations on specific topics of interest.
  • Provide Feedback: Offer the event organizers comments about your experience, including what you found rare and areas for development. Your input can help shape future events and ensure they meet the needs of attendees.

By implementing these techniques, you can actively interact with the content, sound system, and other attendees throughout AdWorld Experience 2024, maximizing your conference time and budget.

Post-Conference Action

While reflecting on the key learnings and insights from the AdWorld Experience 2024, several themes and insights emerge that could have a profound impact on my way of online advertising and marketing:

constant learning

  • Emerging Trends: The conference provides valuable insights into new features in online advertising and marketing, the growing importance of social storytelling, the rise of automation and artificial intelligence in ad management, and the growing importance of fact-driven decision-making.
  • Advanced Strategies: Moderated by marketing experts, the sessions explore advanced strategic strategies such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Information about bidding, audience targeting, and campaign maintenance strategies can help you improve your marketing campaigns for higher performance and ROI.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The conference highlights the importance of using factual and insightful analysis to inform advertising strategy and optimize campaign success. Understanding how key metrics are defined and the target market focus can lead to more informed decisions and higher impact.
  • Building Connections: Interacting with other attendees, speakers, and exhibitors provides valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. Building relationships can lead to partnerships, knowledge sharing, and future business opportunities.
  • Constant Learning: The dynamic nature of online advertising and marketing requires a commitment to master and stay current with business trends continuously. Attending conferences like AdWorld Experience 2024 lets you stay informed about development trends, exceptional practices, and innovations in the field.

AdWorld Experience 2024 is a valuable platform for gaining insights, expanding skills, and connecting with industry peers. Utilizing the knowledge and instruction from the event can increase your effectiveness as a web advertiser and achieve greater success.

Implementation of Strategies Acquired from the Event

Implementing the strategies learned from the AdWorld Experience 2024 involves translating key learnings and insights into practical steps within your online marketing practices.

reasons to join-adworld experience

Here is how you should plan to implement these techniques:

  • Adopting Emerging Trends: You should incorporate emerging trends into your advertising strategies, social media storytelling, and AI-powered ad management. This may also include experimenting with new ad codecs, exploring automation tools, and monitoring current trends in the industry.
  • Applying advanced strategies: You should follow the advanced strategies learned at the conference to optimize your campaigns on AdSense. This includes pursuing advanced bidding techniques, refining a focused target market, and conducting routine performance analyses to discover areas for improvement.
  • Employing a multi-platform approach: You should diversify your advertising efforts into more than one structure to maximize reach and engagement with your target audience. This may include allocating budgets between exclusive channels, tailoring ad creatives for precise structures, and vetting different messaging techniques to determine effectiveness.
  • Use of data-driven statistics: You should use statistical analysis and statistics to make your advertising and marketing decisions and optimize campaign performance. This includes closely monitoring key metrics, conducting regular performance reviews, and using recordings of insights to refine targeting, messaging, and ad placement techniques.

New Knowledge in Online Advertising Efforts

Leveraging insights from events like AdWorld Experience 2024 can boost your online advertising efforts. Any new strategy or trend you undertake can greatly impact your campaigns. Whether telling stories on social media, learning advanced strategies for systems like Google Ads, or using data-driven insights, each breakthrough will set you up for success.

At last, stay curious, adaptable, and open to experimentation. Trust your potential to innovate and excel in the fast-paced world of digital advertising.  By staying ahead of the herd and implementing what you’ve learned, you’re not just keeping up but setting yourself apart as a pioneer in your field. So take the opportunity and let the newfound information propel you to new heights in your marketing journey.


Where is the ADworld Conference in 2024?

ADworld Experience Conference 2024 will be held in Zanhotel Europa via Boldrini 11, Bologna, Italy. It is a two-day conference focusing on digital advertising, scheduled for 17-18 October.

Are digital ads expensive?

The average cost per click for Google Ads is $1 to $2, the average CPC for the Google search network is also around the same price range, while the average CPC for the Google Display Network is $1 or less. The most expensive keywords on Google ads cost around $50.

How much is the ticket for the ad world conference?

Tickets for the ADworld Experience Conference start at $245. Many ticket options are available, both online and offline.

How do I become an ad expert?

The most important steps to become an ad expert include:

  • Getting a relevant degree
  • Collect additional certifications
  • Build a portfolio
  • Apply for jobs
  • Gain work experience
  • Develop relevant skills


ADworld Experience 2024 is a dynamic and insightful convention focused on cutting-edge features and strategies in online marketing. Attendees are expected to gain valuable insights into growing trends, including social media storytelling and AI-driven ad management

The event highlights the importance of adopting a multi-platform approach to advertising and using statistical information to optimize the performance of marketing campaigns. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with experts and explore innovative technologies

Overall, the conference provides a valuable platform for learning about the constantly evolving landscape of online advertising, networking, and staying up-to-date. It enables attendees to enhance their advertising and marketing practices and ensure better campaign results.