Case Study 3 – Topnotch Digital Marketing Blueprint and strategies that Accelerated Growth By 285%


It’s challenging out there for SEO specialists and content marketers, with so many individuals creating high-quality content every day. In today’s oversaturated market, it’s practically tough to make your content stand out. Winning a top SERP position is still a difficult task.

Rome is beautiful, but was it built overnight?

No! right , similarly SEO is a continues effort and it’s difficult to move ahead when you have competition spying on every move you make.

It is, nevertheless, still possible to rank strategically for a specific keyword.

Do you want to know how?

Let’s dive right in to our winning strategies we executed for our client’s business.

Our reputable client has enjoyed significant progress and continuing expansion since its inception more than 15 years ago. The team partnered with grownle to develop a true marketing partnership in order to continue its growth into the next phase.

At the time of the engagement, the company needed to ramp up its rankings ,growth and digital marketing efforts in order to generate more leads at a lower cost.  Despite its size and national reach, the company’s in-house marketing staff trusted us with their online presence.

When it came to SEO and further analysis, the team was in desperate need of assistance. Unfortunately, the last digital marketing agency they dealt with used the same basic, decentralised SEO campaign plan across all of its locations, with less-than-satisfactory results.

They approached us with high hopes after looking at the services we provide and result we yield. 

Our goals were to increase overall organic visibility through the improvement of targeted keyword rankings with a high conversion rate, as well as increase relevant traffic to the website.

We looked at their SEO metrics with a unique, multipronged approach after understanding their problem and pain points. This included extensive link building, content marketing, and technical SEO, all of which helped to lay a strong foundation for growth that can be easily replicated for new acquisitions. Organic search traffic has continuously increased since the start of this. engagement.

The Problem

The most interesting aspect of this case study is that our client approached us with an unorganised plan and little brand awareness. We had a lot of success in the first month of executing our SEO strategy and services.

 As a result, a full deal was signed, which included website optimization, link building, keyword optimization and tracking, and content strategy. Restructuring their current accounts and fine-tuning our audience segmentation to target specific age groups and demographics resulted in the most significant improvements.

Increasing brand recognition and generating high-quality leads required a thorough full-funnel SEO campaign.

Goals :

  • Take use of the brand’s power to aggressively expand market penetration
  • Reach out to the right people at the right time (earlier in the funnel)
  • Track the quality of your leads.
  • At a reduced cost, generate a large number of high-quality leads.

How we started with our SEO strategy?   

Keyword optimization across the Website

Our SEO strategy is designed to take Google where it wants to go, not where it is today. That’s why we tailored our client’s website to Google’s entity-based approach to matching user intent to results (even when the keywords aren’t exact matches).

 Content pillar

Given the changes in the ways that both search engines and searchers are dramatically changing, there needs to be a shift in how marketers select their content strategy – particularly when it comes to generating organic search.

The content pillar strategy we built for our client is a complete combination of right amount of data, analytics, accurate and educating factor to make it more sound and useful for our audience.

Semantic schema markup

Schema markup is one of the most significant innovations in SEO. One of the most potent yet neglected techniques of SEO is this new type of optimization.

Users can see what a website is about, where they are, what they do, how much stuff costs, and a lot more in the SERPs when it has schema markup in place. Schema markup has been called “your virtual business card” by marketers.

Internal linking and authority backlinks

We always perform internal linking within the first month of working with a new client to ensure that we are fully utilising the site’s capabilities. 

Our first strategy’s main purpose is to locate existing internal link possibilities, whereas our second strategy’s goal is to find the site’s most linked to pages and then build an internal link opportunity.

We aim to help connect related pages, help connect related pages, allow search engines to better crawl the content of a site, and carry SEO juice from page to page while being easier to set up than external links.

Optimized Keyword selection 

Relevant content and keyword optimization are the two most critical factors to consider. To begin, develop high-quality, valuable content that revolves around your main keyword while keeping the search intent in mind. Second, utilize the keyword consistently throughout your content and maintain a decent keyword density.

Link Building

Link building outreach is an important aspect of our client’s overall SEO strategy. Today, our customer is naturally earning links from the content we’ve developed, as well as other earned links, as a result of a number of link-building initiatives.

  • Niche edits
  • Guest posting 
  • Forum commenting

There are two sorts of link building: guest posting and editorial link building. When it comes to editorial link growth, you can gain a link by producing a guest post, but you must earn it naturally. If you can find a way to get one, it’s even more effective than guest posting. This strategy proved to be really effective for us, as we received mentions and backlinks from industry leaders. We created a content pillar utilising the skyscraper plan to support our kickass strategy.

SEO best practises for on-page and technical SEO

Almost all our clients now enjoys a scalable technical structure that helps their content get discovered, crawled, indexed, and ranked at a much faster rate. Custom content, dynamic XML sitemaps, crawl rate optimization, clear URL structures, and dynamic schema markup are all examples of this.

  • Monitoring and reporting on performance
  • Hundreds of technical SEO audits and reports per month
  • Optimisation of Google Core Web Vitals


While the significant boost in search rankings and traffic is one thing, our team has experienced an increase of 285 percent in Find a Specialist leads as a result. The client’s original goal of increasing awareness and visibility of its key offerings is now being met. Our customer’s internet presence in its target region has increased dramatically since working with Grownle.

This is the list of keywords we ranked on:


Outcome: Exponential Growth for our client

What started as a marketing and online presence strategy has now turned into a big success for them. This highly repeatable marketing approach will be critical to scalability as our client continues to grow beyond 4,000+ consumers from 500+ locations.

Our customer has continually progressed up the competitive landscape since beginning its engagement with Grownle—all in a very short period of time. The company’s domain currently has over 30 referring domains in its backlink portfolio, which has helped it rank for more than 40 keywords. In organic search, the company is expected to outrank two of its top competitors by 2022.


In terms of revenue, new campaigns have resulted in approximately 24,000 conversions in just six months, all while keeping the cost per conversion consistent.

Conversion rates have surpassed 18% over the same timeframe.


We’re currently concentrating our efforts on raising Google’s Core Web Vitals ratings across the board, expanding keyword mapping and funnel tracking, and developing a new SEO dashboard that the entire marketing team can see at any time. This method, when combined with an ever-expanding content strategy that includes podcasts, blog posts, and white papers, promises to keep our clients competitive in both organic and paid search.