Digital Marketing World Forum: 28-29 February, 2024

Suppose you are interested in a wide range of SEO topics, from email marketing to data analytics and how to use artificial intelligence in marketing. In that case, this event is for you.

Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) is a conference that gives ideas on digital marketing strategies. This event will occur on 28-29 FEBRUARY 2024, MARINA BAY SANDS, SINGAPORE. Besides, the conference has a global presence. As a result, marketing professionals from different parts of the world are participating in these events.

Read this article to explore the Digital Marketing World Forum Asia.

Digital Marketing World Forum Asia

Digital Marketing World Forum is like a giant school where people gather and learn about online marketing using the latest tools and technology, including AI. Moreover, many marketing professionals will share intelligent tricks and tips on SEO topics, including email marketing.

The Digital Marketing World Forum event will happen on 28-29 FEBRUARY 2024, MARINA BAY SANDS, SINGAPORE. This event covers various topics such as Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Data and Analytics, Influencer Marketing, e-commerce, AI, & Web3 marketing.

Digital Marketing World Forum Asia

It is not just a local meet-up; in this event, people worldwide will come to share their digital marketing wisdom with you. By attending this event, you will discover the latest trends in online marketing and the most fabulous fashions before everyone else.

You will learn by just listening to the voice and have the chance to practice in a practical workshop. Furthermore, this is like a vast playground where you can make friends who love digital marketing like you. In addition, you will also learn the advanced tools and gadgets that can boost your digital marketing journey.

During the session, you can ask the experts for clarification or doubts. You are independent to ask anything you want during Q&A sessions. Anyone can join this event who is interested in digital marketing, from beginners to professionals; more than 300+ attendees and 25+ speakers will attend this event.

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Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

Below are the names of some fantastic speaker who will share their knowledge at this event. They are,

Abhishek Grover

He is Chief Digital Officer- Consumer Products (Loreal)

Anny Havercroft

Head of Global Business Marketing for Southeast Asia and APAC Marketing Solutions at (TikTok)

Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

Anna Znamenskaya

She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Foodpanda

Low Ngai Yuen

Marketing Officer and Chief Merchandise at (AEON (M) Co Berhad)

Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

Laura Kantor

The Chief Marketing Officer at ( Abillion)

Ronnie Brown

Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer (DirectAsia Insurance)

Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

Nikki Taylor

Marketing Growth Strategy Director, APAC UPS

Krisha Dy

Brand Experiences Director, South Asian (Colgate and Palmolive)

Alin Dobrea

She is head of Marketing Solutions & Partnerships of ( ZALORA)

Khim Yin Poh

Global Brand Lead – (Lifebuoy and Unilever)

Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

Akanksha Rastogi

Head of Data & Insights at Foodpanda

Frankie Lee

He works as a vice president and in marketing at Asia Pacific Nielsen IQ GfK.

Kelferd Hor

Vice President, Digital Experience for Investors, (RHB Banking Group)

Alice Tong

She is the head of Marketing APAC and Content Solutions at Economist Impact.

Speaker of Digital Marketing World Forum

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Time Activity (speaker)

Day 1 – 28 February 2024

09:00 am Chair’s Welcome – 28 February.
09:10 am To start with, Adapting a data-driven marketing approach (Nikki Taylor).
09:30 am next, The state of the social and media landscape in 2024

(Weldon Fung).

10:00 am then Power of data to achieve higher ROI through effective targeting (Frankie Lee, Vivek Khandelwal, Ronnie Brown, Jalpa Shah)
10:40 am After that, the Mid-Morning Partner Presentation.
10:50 am Following this Networking Break.
11:20 am Subsequently, Partner Presentation.
11:30 am Later on, Personalized Content Strategy to drive engagement (Low Ngai Yuen).
12:00 pm Mid-Day Partner Presentation.
12:00 pm Furthermore, Enlightening possibilities: how product marketing drives industry transformation (Aditya Vikram Bharadwaj)
01:00 pm Finally, Lunch & Networking Break
02:00 pm Panel: Adapting an Agile Approach to your Digital Strategy (V.C. John, Low Ngai Yuen, Anna Znamenskaya)
02:40 pm Additionally,  Afternoon Partner Presentation
03:10 pm Networking Break
03:40 pm AI in Marketing Presentation (Sudhir Tiku)
04:10 pm Besides, Late-Afternoon Partner Presentation 
04:20 pm Last but not least, Building a powerful influencer marketing strategy (Kevyn Eng,)
04:50 pm In conclusion, Overcoming challenges and barriers with your Influencer campaigns (Philip Sim, Kelferd Hor, Kevyn Eng, Khim Yin Poh)

Day 2 – 29 February 2024

09:20 am Chair’s Welcome – 29 February by V.C. John,
09:30 am First of all, Scaling your influencer marketing strategy (Abhishek Grover)
10:00 am Secondly, Morning Partner Presentation
10:30 am Thirdly, Tell better stories with interactive content (Philip Sim, Alin Dobrea, Laura Kantor, Alice Tong)
10:50 am Similarly, Mid-Morning Partner Presentation
11:20 am afterward, Networking Break
11:40 am In contrast, Colgate-Palmolive Presentation (Krisha Dy)
12:10 pm On the other hand, Shoppertainment 2024 (Anny Havercroft)
12:40 pm Likewise, Mid-Day Partner Presentation
01:10 pm Consequently, Lunch & Networking Break.
02:10 pm Future-proofing your digital strategy to increase customer engagement (Jamshed Wadia, Kelferd Hor, Akanksha Rastogi)
02:50 pm Make it personal! Designing a personalized customer experience (Akanksha Rastogi).
03:20 pm Therefore, Afternoon Partner Presentation
03:50 pm Hence, Implementing AI in Marketing
04:30 pm Thus, Driving efficiencies in Marketing and Communications with AI (Rena Ling)

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Q1. Where is the #DMWF Asia event happening?

A. DMWF Asia event will happen on 28-29 FEBRUARY 2024, MARINA BAY SANDS, SINGAPORE.

Q2. What topic will be covered?

A. This will cover various topics such as Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Data and Analytics, Influencer Marketing, e-commerce, AI, & Web3 marketing.

Q3. What are the prices for the tickets?

A. There are three plans available for the tickets. You can choose from them.

  • 2-DAY ALL-ACCESS PASS at $479

Moreover, you can Save $320 with the Platinum Advanced Rate until 7 December 2023. Group bookings of 5+ also receive a further 30% discount.

Q4. How can I register, sponsor, or exhibit at #DMWF?

A. You can register for the ticket through their official website


Digital Marketing World Forum is a global event covering various topics, including Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Data and Analytics, Influencer Marketing, e-commerce, AI, & Web3 marketing.

Not only is this event for everyone interested in digital marketing, but it is also an excellent chance to meet the professionals and connect with them. In addition, you will learn the latest tools and technology that will be helpful for your digital marketing journey.

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