Case Study 1 – How do we increase organic traffic by 78% and ranked at the top?

This case study will give you a comprehensible insight into how backlinks are still relevant in 2022. For a fact we knew Link building is not going anywhere, Just as google grows smarter and shifts its focus on other tactics, so do we. 

We as modern link builders and SEO experts focus on placing high-quality, relevant links on sites guaranteed to drive the most important metrics: conversions and revenue.

We witnessed significant growth on our most profitable keywords in just over 2 months for our client, with some keywords climbing as much as 30 ranks since we started tracking!

Let’s dive in and see how we were able to grow our client’s site and the results became evident within the period of 2 months.

About the client

Our Eminent client is working in the SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH industry for years, 

Their services push your social media growth and help you reach the audience you need, including services like gaining targeted and real followers, likes, comments, paid engagement, promoting posts to reach a wider audience, and more.

Their services are available for all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

Since the niche is so competitive and saturated they were having a hard time coping with google algorithmic changes and less conversion rate when they approached us to help them grow their online visibility and get the targeted and relevant audience.

Our goals were to increase overall organic visibility through the improvement of targeted keyword rankings with a high conversion rate, as well as increase relevant traffic to the website.

The Problem

There were multiple problems that kept them behind their competition for a long time and with new things coming up in SEO every now and then, they were uncertain about how they can use SEO for their benefit. As the niche itself is very competitive and saturated. 

Due to less online visibility, their sales and conversion rate were comparatively low. The growth was quite stagnant and there was no door for them to get out there and boost their rankings and attract the target market they need.

They approached us to increase their brand identity and build a foundation for them to increase their online visibility and conversion rate.

The other big problem was massive competition in their niche, to make them bury the competition we listed and researched all the competitors and analyzed their performance in SERPs. 

To stay ahead of the game it is an important factor to track every move your competitors make. Of course, it’s not smart to blindly shadow everything your competitors are doing, but an intelligent SEO professional always keeps an eye on the competitor.

We quickly understood the problem and started working towards it by setting some goals, blueprint, and sitemap in mind.

  • Gain increased visibility with popular search engines
  • Gain more targeted and relevant traffic
  • Focusing on user intent-based keywords
  • Fixing some technicalities and gaining site authority
  • Gain more attention from interested prospects and increase conversion rate
  • Turn that new attention into paying customers

As we sat down with the client over a virtual coffee meeting, we discussed all possible ways to get our plan going and to eradicate their problem from the core. We always want to yield sustainable results for our clients that can linger for a long time. The problems and setbacks were well understood by our expert team, we brainstormed ideas and jotted down all the problems and adjacent to it all possible solutions were proposed by our creative team.

  As a result of our efforts, our client saw a 78% increase in monthly traffic, a 7% reduction in bounce rate, and a significant ranking improvement for almost all targeted keywords, and some of them even topped the google scoreboard.

If you know you know, Ranking on the first page of Google for any major keyword is hard, Extremely Hard. And, given Google’s continual updates, massive levels of competition, and psychological warfare, most people feel it’s impossible to rank a website on the first page in less than a year.

But we’ve achieved it repeatedly for our clients. So here’s a little cheat sheet to rank higher on Google:

  • Look for keywords that are underperforming.
  • Choose a keyword for which you want to rank higher and figure out why you’re losing ground.
  • Where it counts, beat the other pages.
  • Keep an eye on the rankings.
  • Repeat for further keywords.

Solution That Worked 

After analyzing the situation and problem our creative intellect was full of ideas and we were all pumped up to yield the best possible results for our client. 

To start with we did a website audit followed by competitor’s analysis which includes tracking on competition’s keywords and daily performance, Understanding the strategies that worked for them, and what content type and keywords are performing best for them, by keeping all these in mind we tried to understand the scope of the improvement viz. keywords that should be targeted, Anchor text ratio, content type to focus on, targeted audience who would ultimately buy from us, etc. 

Initially, we started with diversity packages like Lady gaga Package, Platinum Package which is our best selling deal with a combination of Weekly Package to give a firm foundation to the site in terms of DA, DR, Backlinks, and Referring Domains.  

Initially, we experimented and did the hit and trial method to understand the best-suited plan for our client. We believe every business is different and there should be different solutions and formulas customized for each one of them. While customizing the formula for our eminent client the first pillar was the stats and data we got from competitors’ research, the 2nd pillar was our expert team who proposed realistic solutions and the 3rd was our packages and customized plan that worked so well for our client. 

Our diversity packages are filled with surprises and great results, we believe there is no, one-suited for all solutions, that is why the plans are customized according to what our customer’s business wants. 

While we kept track of other measures such as organic traffic, keyword rankings were the most concrete and straightforward way to judge our success or failure. 

At this point in the campaign, one of our main goals was to perform a very consistent link-building campaign in order to give our backlink profile a more natural appearance and earn the favor of the Search Engine kings. 

The packages that we bring to action are formulated for gaining more online visibility, high authority, Quality backlinks, unlimited targeted traffic, and Maximum boost in SERPs. 

Then we went ahead with our high-end services to build high-quality links to improve the authority of the site.

While building links and targeting the right keywords we keep a few things in mind.


1. Focusing on User Intent

Focusing on what your audience wants is one of the most important things you should learn to improve your SEO game in 2022.

Content that addresses consumers’ search intent and answers their inquiries is more vital than ever. In reality, it’s the simplest technique to improve your SERP rankings and positions.

Focusing on user intent combined with search engine optimization equals higher SERP rankings.

Building additional backlinks is a powerful SEO strategy that appears in practically every SEO case study.


2. A well-executed link building plan

In order to get on top, a solid link-building plan is non-negotiable.

The task of creating high-quality content and increasing a site’s credibility is no longer just in the hands of SEO. A well-executed link-building plan can boost a site’s credibility, authority, and, as a result, its ranks. High-quality links with a lot of traffic can help you get more people to visit your site… It has a significant impact on branded search as well (the holy grail). We did the same for our client, we found out all possible opportunities to get natural and real backlinks that do not only favor our client’s business but will also reach out to the people who actually need their services.

The other important thing while making link-building content is maintaining and monitoring the anchor text ratio.

Anchor text on the other hand is very important for getting more targeted traffic to your site. We optimized—but not over-optimized—the anchor words with relevant information, which helped us in gearing up for our SEO battle and finally making the rankings climb.

The Final Result 

Just like the strategy our results were outstanding. Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves and then we will talk about the final learnings and conclusions we draw from the overall campaign and the case study.

Let’s compare a before and after version of our client’s website.




The results made it very clear that our strategies and hard work are generating the best results and good business for our clients.

Here is the information containing the achievements of the keywords we targeted in different target countries including Brazil, Italy, Spain, Congo, the USA, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Brazil ranking stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of Brazil with an evident growth in ranking.

Italy ranking stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of Brazil with an evident growth in ranking.

USA ranking stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of the USA with an evident growth in ranking.

Spain ranking stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of Spain with an evident growth in ranking.

China, Taiwan, and Hongkong ranking stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with an evident growth in ranking.

Congo Ranking Stats

The above information shows the factual keywords data of Congo with an evident growth in ranking.



We were quite pumped when the client came to us with the challenge. We did face challenges while trying to rank for certain keywords on The Google SERPs.

On further research, testing and trials we did discover the gaps that we could cover to conquer the competition. Ultimately, we came up with the right formula for our client to rank on the first search pages.  

Finding the right formula always takes tons of hours of research, competition analysis, and a fully comprehensive audit. You need to be ready to spend hours looking for keywords that are underperforming and where the competition is lacking or you can do a better job; Essentially finding the gap and growth hacks to leverage those gaps. 

Out of which you will see as a result of steady growth in traffic, reduction in bounce rate and much more conversions, ranking and hence revenue.

Just like our client saw a 78% growth in traffic, 7% lesser bounce rates month over month, and much better SERP rankings on Google, Bing, etc.

Our client was impressed by the results we bring in, almost every time we work for clients of different niches, countries, goals, and business plans we always take a deep dive into the industry they are in, the results and goals they have set, and nothing but the best performing SEO blueprint for their business to flourish. 

So to get the best results, combine a solid SEO strategy with these competitor-destroying methods, you’ll shoot up in the rankings faster than you can say “Google algorithm”.