Top 7 Best SEO Trends in SEO Conferences in 2023-24

Tracking SEO trends is like trying to reach a shifting goal. Sometimes, goalposts shift due to algorithm changes and developing technology. We’ll talk about “trends in SEO conferences in 2023” in this article.

Owners of companies and advertising executives are required to be conscious of several trends if they want to remain on top of the game. The most important SEO trends in 2023 will be E-A-T and Content Quality, AI and Automation in SEO, Local SEO and Hyper-Personalization, etc.

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Top 7 Most Anticipated SEO Trends in SEO Conferences

Learn more about trends in SEO conferences in 2023 by reading on.

Voice Search and Conversational SEO

It is the first of the trends in SEO conferences in 2023. If voice search wasn’t the first trend on our checklist of the top SEO trends for 2023, it might need to be completed. 71% of users prefer voice searches over typing in their search terms.

As more customers use these technologies, companies need to optimize their material for voice search. It involves writing in simple language, using long-tail keywords, and structuring your content well enough for search engines to understand. When creating your content structure, keep in mind how people talk.

E-A-T and Content Quality

Google uses the criteria “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness” or “E-A-T” to determine how it ranks websites in search engine results. It is one trending SEO topic for events and SEO trends in 2023.

E-A-T checklist

Google strives to ensure that the websites that appear in its search engine results are of the highest grade and were written by experts in their fields. To demonstrate that your page meets these requirements, ensure you write your material effectively, conduct thorough research, and make people view your webpage as a trustworthy data resource.


Building relationships with trustworthy resources, including leading websites and media outlets in your field, is a great way to enhance your web page’s credibility because it signals to Google that other reputable sources consider your webpage reliable.

Core Web Vitals and Page Experience

It is one of the other trends in SEO conferences in 2023. While core web vitals aren’t a trend, they constitute a combination of indicators that will become more crucial to your SEO trends 2023 for the conference. Core web vitals influence how users engage with your internet presence, including page load time, interaction, and visual consistency. If you need to pay more attention to these indicators in 2023, you must because Google introduced them as a ranking element in May 2021.


Core Web Vitals

There are several ways to improve your fundamental web vitals. Another is to improve the code and graphics on the site to speed up processing. A website’s design should consider how users will feel, and it should have straightforward navigation and easily understandable content. 

AI and Automation in SEO

Speaking at SEO conferences in 2023, we will discuss AI and automation in SEO. Despite considering all of the modifications planned for 2022 to stop the use of automatically created content, it’s likely that in 2023, usage of artificial intelligence (AI) content will continue to climb. Software for advertising that integrates AI and SEO is becoming progressively more prevalent.


As digital marketers expand to use business SEO software programs and solutions, they will increasingly automate more procedures in SEO conferences in 2024, similar to how AI is used for content creation. For instance:

  • Tools for keyword research may streamline processes that formerly needed extensive human spreadsheet effort.
  • Platforms for site audits and evaluation may instantly identify website alterations and connectivity problems.

The proliferation of these DIY SEO tools will allow companies and consulting firms to handle SEO trends and techniques more effectively and concentrate on planning.

Video SEO and Visual Search

It’s hardly surprising that video content has grown in popularity in the past few years because it’s among the most exciting and valuable material you can produce. In actuality, 55% of individuals view videos online each day, and 78% of the population do so weekly. Additionally, there is no doubt that video is an effective advertising tool, but experts predict its worth will increase even more in 2023. 

In contrast to text-based searches, visual search types base their findings on images. We anticipate 2023 to be the most significant year for this trend, which has been increasing recently due to the success of visual sites. This topic will be discussed by the people who will attend the SEO conference in 2023.

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Mobile-First Indexing and Optimization

It is also one of the top SEO trends to discuss at the SEO conference in 2023. Search engines acknowledged the Mobile-first Indexing method, in which they initially crawled and categorized a webpage’s mobile-friendly version due to the growing importance of cell phones in online surfing.

trends in seo conferences in 2023: Mobile-First Indexing and Optimization

Additionally, Google and other internet search engines have started utilizing criteria for ranking that consider mobile interaction elements like page speed and responsiveness. Accordingly, mobile-friendly sites appear better on search engine results pages, improving exposure and organic traffic.

Local SEO and Hyper-Personalization

Here are the strategies for targeting local and hyper-personalized searches. It is the last of the trends in SEO conferences in 2023.

Acquiring more local citations: Now is a fantastic moment to reach more local sources because local SEO will grow more crucial. Check that your data is correct, and then have your company listed in as many local directories as possible. Additionally, getting more client feedback is beneficial. 

Create content for specific cities: When you intend to cater to more regional viewers, begin creating material for specific cities. You may target those particular citizens by building city-specific portions of your website or web pages. It is particularly successful if all of your rivals are national or if you have specific markets they don’t.

Choose a specific niche and appeal to it: Find a niche market your rivals need to focus on and start your study there. Your ability to appeal to this extremely niche market will increase your connection with them, and in most circumstances, your relationship is considerably more significant than the number of viewers. 

Now, you know some of the trends in SEO conferences in 2023.

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Why is SEO crucial for digital marketing?

Since Google constantly updates its search engine results algorithm to improve the customer experience, SEO represents one of the most evolving areas of digital marketing. 

What are the benefits of responsive SEO design?

The most excellent method for helping desktop and mobile customers in the future, maintaining decades of SEO effort, and avoiding having your website de-indexed by Google is through responsive layouts. 

Why does SEO need to consider mobile optimization?

The idea of mobile optimization is essential when discussing search engines. In addition to raising your rating, providing an excellent mobile experience encourages consumers to stay on the page for longer, boosting the conversion rate.

What does “hyperlocal search” mean?

The target market for hyperlocal search is frequently people ready to purchase your services or goods.


We hope this post about “trends in SEO conferences in 2023” is helpful. Given how quickly the SEO environment is evolving, it might be challenging to forecast which trends will catch on speaking at SEO conferences and which will fade away. Yet, you can ensure that your web page stays on top of the trends, speaks at conferences, and keeps ranking high in search engine results by staying current with the latest news about SEO and upgrades and being ready to experiment with new methods.

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