Zagreb SEO Conference: A Comprehensive Guide

The Zagreb SEO Conference 2024 is scheduled from the 20th to 21st June, beginning at 8:00 am. The conference will be happening in Zagreb, Croatia, and will probably be one of the largest of this kind. This summit is the best place for SEO professionals. Moreover, the conference will cross borders with professionals from around the world.


The Zagreb SEO Summit is an initiative of Kresimir Corlukik, the co-founder of the Canonical SEO Agency. Professionally, he has held several leadership positions at media corporations and the top digital marketing firms. He is also very active in organizing meet-ups related to SEO and continues to share his expertise.

zagreb seo summit

The other two organizers are Tin Dudajek and Filip Dudajek. Tin is a professional SEO expert with ten years of experience. He is the co-founder of Canonical SEO Agency and also an amateur footballer. Moreover, he advocates a holistic approach to digital projects and is highly passionate about SEO.

Meanwhile, Filip Dudajek is the CFO and co-founder of Canonical SEO Agency with the other two. Most of his work involves dealing with numbers and clients. His main goal is to lead the company towards financial stability.


The program’s format is divided into three categories: lectures and workshops on both days of the summit and a party at the end of day one. Multiple topics will be covered and discussed at the conference, including lectures on Google’s three-month-long 2024 core spam, updates to SEOntology, and the basics of next-generation SEO.

In addition to this, there will be workshops on different agendas, like scientific research methods for SEOs and Javascript SEO (Debugging a Javascript website in live mode).

In total, the conference will include 20 speakers and eight workshops in a span of two days.

The lectures will be conducted like any other traditional conference engagement, which is held in a large hall by a speaker. They will last for 30 minutes and be followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer round with the audience. Here, the audience will communicate with the speakers and clear all their doubts.

The workshops are generally held in a smaller conference hall and last about an hour. They show the exact process used for specific strategies.

The conference will be an all-round experience of learning from and interacting with world-class experts, attending workshops and lectures, and networking at a large scale.

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Conference Program

The two-day program will follow a pre-fixed itinerary that has been put together with the best comforts of the audience in mind.


The program starts with you checking in for your acceleration in the morning, followed by a grand opening. Further, as the day passes, four hands-on workshops and seven lectures will be accompanied by activities to add fun!

zagreb seo summit

Listening to the keynote speakers and relaxing over the coffee break in the extravagant lounge is highly recommended. 

By the end of the day. You will have the opportunity to go around and explore Zagreb!


After the check-in and welcome address, the summit will kick-start with its first lecture on the Outcomes of Google’s 3 Month Long 2024 Core and Spam Updates by Lily Ray. Through this lecture, you learn about one of Google’s most significant updates in 2024. By the end of the lecture, you will learn the problems the platform was trying to tackle through this.

Moreover, you will have a lecture on NatureLink Integration by Dan Petrovic. This lecture aims to help you understand penalty-free link building and how it can be achieved by applying advanced machine learning. 

After a 30-minute break, Cindy Krum will lecture on EEAT Your Soup: Understanding How Engagement Impacts Quality Evaluations. Through this presentation by Krum, you will have an all-new perspective on how Google has potentially outsourced quality evaluations to the crowd. The entirety of this lecture will give you a better understanding of how E-E-A-T is applied in the real world. You will also understand what path to follow to ensure you are on the right path to drive rankings. 

At 1:00 pm, you will have a lecture on SEOntology: the basis of next-gen SEO by Emilija Gjorgjevska. This lecture will cover how, by joining SEOntology, you can discover how to transform your SEO practices. This will be done by empowering marketers and developers by automating SEO tasks.

Further, you will have a 1 hour and 15 minutes lunch break to refresh and relax yourself with a delicious meal. 

At 3 pm, the lecture will resume with Marko Pacar delivering on We Should All Be Friends: Making Peace between SEO, Advertising, UX, and Branding. Here, you will be comprehensively taught how to tackle the need for a unified market vision. This is because often, while working on web projects, the entire process becomes very political. This happens because it involves multiple stakeholders with diverse ideas. Pacar will share tips with you on implementing a strategic and pragmatic framework. You will learn how to overlap your SEO strategies with those of others.  

After this, you will have a session on SEO in the Gemini Era: Hot to Dominate AI-Powered Search by Jes Scholz. She will discuss the upgrade that general SEO needs due to the establishment of new and larger language models, such as Gemini, powering AI. You will learn how to optimize for Google’s “Gemini Era through actionable steps. 

After a good coffee break, you will have the final lecture for day one by Helene Jelenc on Transactional Pages That Rank: Insights from a Multi-Year Study. This talk will walk through the findings derived from original research conducted by Flow.


The workshops will start at noon with Mr. Davor Bomestar’s presentation on How to Scale SEO Content Without Sacrificing Quality. The speaker will reveal strategies for the best SEO content. 

zagreb seo summit

Alex Galinos’s session on Javascript SEO: Debugging a Javascript Website on Live Mode before the lunch break will discuss JS websites. 

Further, you will have Sarah Presch deliver a workshop on An Introduction to Scientific Research Methods for SEOs and a seminar by Kresimir Corlukic on Lessons Learned in 200+ SEO Audits. This will talk about the essential checklist used for most audits.


Friday will be filled with exciting speakers and excellent talks for you to put forward.

The organizers have arranged four workshops and seven lectures for the second day of the conference. 

At the end of day 2, you will get the chance to enjoy an end-of-summit party, which will host SEO DJ Lily Ray.


The first lecture for day two will start after your check-in and the coffee break. Fery Kaszoni will take this session on Reactive PR Link Building. He will discuss how to hijack the news and get the best links. Mr. Kyle Roof will follow with this session on AI vs. RhinoPlasty Plano: Does any of the old SEO knowledge apply to anything?

After a 30-minute coffee break, the lectures will continue, with Mr. Nedim Sabic delivering on Mother Link Juice: The Real Profit Launch Pad. He will teach you how to consolidate your products in an online store. Sarah Presch on Confirmation Bias Volume 2: results of an Experiment into What People Are Searching for will give you a gist of the theory behind quantitative and qualitative research.

After this, there will be a lunch break from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. Afterward, you will witness a lecture by Ms. Vanda Pokecz on the intersection of SEO and Product: What is behind the SEO PM role?

If you succeed, you will have a lecture by Mr. Nick Jordan right before a session on The Right Way to Scale an SEO Business by Mads Singers. He has aided many businesses in growing and reaching the skies. 

You will have a closing address at the end of the day, and then you can network with people.


For the workshops on day 2, you begin with Dan Petrovic speaking on Enterprise-Level SEO. You will learn site crawling, analysis, and strategic and technical optimization here. This will be followed by another one-hour workshop (to be decided). 

Moreover, after these two workshops and a lunch break, Mr. Robert Petkovic will present on Google Analytics 4 for SEO at 3:43:45 pmr. Bojan Basrak will introduce the Ultimate GSC Dashboard. He will show you how to find the most relevant keywords and pages, hence giving you better content opportunities.



The board of speakers includes:

  1. Davor Bomestar: How to Scale SEO Content Without Sacrificing Quality

Dave is a digital marketing veteran with about 17 years of experience. In addition to this, he has experience in multiple areas of SEO and is currently pursuing SEO Content strategies.

2. Kresimir Corlukic: Lessons Learned in 200+ SEO Audits

He is one of the conference’s main organizers and the co-founder of Canonical SEO Agency.

3. Alex Galinos: Javascript SEO: Debugging A Javascript Website On Live Mode

Galinos is an SEO expert and marketing strategist with diverse experience. He is currently the head of SEO at Happa, a transport comparison site.

4. Nedim Sabic: Mother Link Juice: The Real Profit LaunchPad

Nedim Šabić is one of the SEO pioneers in the Balkans and has been engaged in SEO for 23 years.

5. Marco Pacar: We Should All Be Friends: Making Peace Between SEO, Advertising, UX, and Branding

Marko Pačar is a co-founder and management consultant at Granular Group, a consulting and development agency with offices in Zagreb and Belgrade.

6. Emilija Gjorgjevska: SEOntology: The basis for next-gen SEO

Emily’s work is focused on scaling processes and communities, implementing scalable analytics, and optimizing strategies

7. Vanda Pokecz: At the intersection of SEO and Product: What is behind the SEO PM role

Vanda is the SEO Lead at Global Savings Group, a certified Digital Product Manager, and formerly a Senior SEO Product Manager.

8. Jes Scholz: SEO in the Gemini Era: How to Dominate AI-Powered Search

Jes is an organic channel consultant and “SEO futurist from Australia. 

9. Helene Jelenc: Transactional Pages That Rank: Insights from a multi-year study

Jelenc is an SEO consultant at Flow, specializing in SEO strategies within the niche of B2B SaaS startups.

10. Sarah Presch: Lecture: Confirmation Bias volume 2: Results of an experiment into what people are searching for

Presch is the Digital Marketing Director at Dragon Metrics, but before that, she worked as an SEO consultant, assisting companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and Volvo with international SEO strategies.

11. Dan Petrovic: Natural Link Integration 

Dan is the director of DEJAN.

12. Nick Jordan: TBD

Jordan leads one of the largest SEO groups on Facebook, where he shares his knowledge and also case studies with experts.

13. Bojan Basrak: Introducing The Ultimate GSC Dashboard

As a senior web analyst at CMG Digital, Barak has worked with major clients such as Croatian Telecom, Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, and many other global brands.

14. Mads Singer: The right way to scale an SEO Business

Mads has over ten years of experience in Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox and IBM and over ten years of experience in coaching and consulting.

15. Feri Kaszoni: Reactive PR Link Building

Kaszoni owns the largest Digital PR agency in the world, Search Intelligence Ltd, which is based in Oxfordshire, UK.

16. Robert Petkovic: Google Analytics 4 for SEO

Robert has created some of Croatia’s most visited websites and assisted numerous clients with complex analyses and conversion rate optimization.

17. Cindy Crum: EEAT Your Soup: Understanding How Engagement Impacts Quality Evaluations

Krum is the Founder & CEO of MobileMoxie 

18. Kyle Roof: AI vs Rhinoplasty Plano: Does any old SEO knowledge apply to anything?

Kyle is known for discovering “secrets hidden in plain sight: Google’s algorithm is just an algorithm.

19. Lily Ray: Outcomes of Google’s 3-Month Long 2024 Core & Spam Updates

Ray is the VP of SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive Digital, where she provides strategic leadership for the agency’s SEO client programs.


The Zagreb SEO Conference venue is the Mozaik Event Centar (Slavonska Avenija 6/2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia).

The venue has multiple facilities, including a conference hall, catering services, and breakout rooms, to ensure the best possible experience.


You can directly buy the tickets for the event through the official Zagreb Summit website.

There are three ticket options available: 


  • White Hat: 390 € (25% VAT included in price = 78€)


This gives you access to all the lectures and the SEO party on Friday. 

This includes complimentary drinks, including coffee, juice, and water. You will also receive transportation discounts and a surprise gift at check-in.

  • Grey Hat: 625 € (25% VAT included in price = 125€)


This ticket gives you admission to all the lectures, workshops, and SEO party on Friday. Moreover, you will have network access and lunch on both days of the conference. Moreover, you will have an exclusive lounge to relax in, with complimentary coffee, juices, and water. 

You also get a transportation discount and a gift. 

  • Black Hat: 1125 € (25% VAT included in price = 225€)


This ticket includes all the amenities the other two tickets provide, as well as an all-exclusive dinner with the sponsors and speakers.

Post Conference Actions

You have no reason to stop learning once the conference ends. These two days are supposed to be full of learning for you and the speakers. Make sure to ask all your doubts after the lectures and workshops. 

Above all, remember to connect with the other people. These are people of similar interests working in the same industry as you. Don’t miss out on networking with the speakers and the audience. This might lead to a new opening for you.

Refer to the material provided throughout the conference. This will help you better understand the lectures.

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What is the price of the ticket for the Zagreb conference?

The conference has three kinds of tickets with different facilities and prices. These are for 390 €, 625 € and 1125 € each.

Where is the Zagreb conference happening?

The conference will occur at the Mozaik Event Center in Zagreb, Croatia.

When is the Zagreb SEO Summit?

The summit is happening on the 20th and 21st June 2024.

Who is organizing the Zagreb SEO Conference?

The Zagreb Conference is being organized by the three co-founders of Canonical SEO Agency.

How do I register for the Zagreb SEO Conference?

You can register for the conference through the official website. Click on the 'buy tickets' link to redirect you to a new website. Choose the package you want to use and then make the payment.

What is the Zagreb SEO Conference?

The Zagreb SEO Conference is an initiative by three SEO enthusiasts. The main goal is to gather around with professionals, experts, and strategists and discuss the position of SEO in 2024.


In conclusion, the Zagreb SEO Conference will be a lifetime experience for SEO enthusiasts worldwide. You will learn firsthand from the industry’s best and take their knowledge with you, which will help you establish yourself professionally in the future.

You take away insights into SEO audits, product management, content development, and whatnot. As we are one month away from the big day, this is your chance to buy your ticket and witness being part of one of the most prominent East European summits.

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