Brighton SEO Conference, UK – April 25-26, 2024

Brighton SEO Conference is preparing for its exciting event in April 2024, which is expected to be a game changer for digital lovers. As a result, many SEO enthusiasts are excited to attend the conference and learn from the experts. This article will provide all the details, including information on tickets, services, speakers, and event highlights.

The Brighton SEO Conference 2024 is a 2-day event from April 25 to 26, 2024, at the Brighton Centre, UK. In this event, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best SEO experts in the industry, network with other digital lovers, and discover the latest trends and tools in the field.

Moreover, the Brighton SEO Conference in April 2024 is an event you will want to attend if you are a digital lover looking to stay ahead of the curve. To help you plan your trip, this overview includes information about the event’s highlights, notable speakers, tickets, and venue.

After reading this article, you will understand everything about the Brighton SEO Conference 2024, which will happen on April 25 and 26, 2024, at the Brighton Centre, UK.

Brighton SEO Conference 2024

The April 2024 edition of the Brighton SEO Conference promises talks made easy with a dynamic lineup, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Brighton SEO Conference 2024

Also, attendees can expect deep knowledge of the latest trends, strategies, and innovations shaping the digital world. Additionally, from SEO beginners to SEO professionals, there is something for everyone at the Brighton SEO conference, which makes it beneficial for anyone navigating the world of online visibility.

This event will include fringe conferences, training workshops, and a Brighton SEO San Diego event, part of the Brighton SEO series. These events offer more opportunities to learn, network, and have fun with other search marketers.

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About The Speaker Of This Event

The conference will feature talks from expert speakers in various search, content, and influencer marketing fields. Some of the speakers who have been confirmed for the Brighton SEO Conference 2024 are:

About the speaker of this event

Abu Ali 

He is the founder and CEO of SEO Tester Online, a platform that helps businesses optimize their websites for search engines and users.

Abhishek Lakhera

The head of SEO at Zomato, a leading online food delivery and restaurant discovery platform.

Adriana Stein

The senior SEO manager at ASOS is a global fashion e-commerce retailer.

Oliver Brett

The head of technical SEO at Screaming Frog, a UK-based SEO agency and software provider.

Rachel Costello

 The technical SEO and content manager at Deep Crawl, a cloud-based web crawler, and SEO auditing tool.

Marcus Tober

He is the founder and chief innovation officer at Search Metrics, a digital marketing software and services company.

Venue For The Brighton SEO Conference 2024

The Brighton SEO Conference 2024 venue is the Brighton Centre, a large multi-purpose conference and exhibition center located on the seafront in Brighton, UK.

Venue for the Brighton SEO Conference 2024

The Brighton Centre can hold 5,000 people and provides a variety of facilities and services for events of various kinds. The Brighton Centre is also conveniently located near the city center, the train station, multiple hotels, and various attractions.

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Schedule For These Events

The Brighton SEO Conference 2024 is a two-day event featuring talks from expert speakers in search marketing. The conference will occur at the Brighton Centre, UK, on 25 and 26, 2024. You can also find the schedule on their ➡ official website.

Here are some highlights of the conference:

  • To start, you can choose from four fringe conferences focusing on search marketing aspects: PPC, paid social, data and analytics, and digital PR.
  • Depending on your interests and goals, each fringe conference has its agenda and speakers, and you can register for them separately or as part of a bundle. Alternatively, you can attend the leading conference on the second day, featuring more than 100 speakers covering various SEO topics.
  • Next, you can enjoy a full day of talks from 80 speakers across six stages. The subjects covered local SEO, e-commerce SEO, link building, content marketing, technical SEO, and more. You can also network with other attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors at the expo hall and the drinks reception.
  • Lastly, on the day before the conference, there will be a training workshop that you can enroll in if you would like to learn more advanced skills and methods.
  • The sessions cover many topics, including SEO auditing, keyword research, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and many more. Also, the instructors who are leading them are highly knowledgeable.


When and where is the Brighton SEO Conference taking place?

The Brighton SEO Conference is scheduled for April 2024. This is an exciting opportunity for digital lovers to learn from the best in the industry, network with peers, and explore the latest trends and tools in SEO. The event will be held in the vibrant city of Brighton, which offers a dynamic environment for the digital insights shared at the conference. Additionally, the conference will feature fringe events, workshops, parties, and more to make your experience unforgettable.

How do I purchase conference tickets?

You can purchase the tickets on their official website. Moreover, different types of tickets are available, such as free ballot, friend, and training workshop tickets. If you want to compare the ticket options and prices, you can visit this link:

How many people attend Brighton SEO?

Brighton SEO attracts over 4,000 people from across the UK and worldwide. Additionally, it is one of Europe's largest and most popular search marketing conferences. Therefore, many digital lovers are eager to attend this event and learn from the experts.

How many seats is the Brighton Centre?

The Brighton Centre is the main venue for the Brighton SEO conference. It is a large and modern facility that can accommodate various events. It has a capacity of 4,270 seats for theater-style events and 5,515 for standing events.

Why did Brighton become popular?

Brighton became a seaside resort in the 18th and 19th centuries. Then, royalty and the aristocracy visited. It also became a health resort for sea bathing, which cures illnesses. Besides, Brighton is famous for its cultural and artistic scene, its LGBTQ+ community, and its landmarks. For example, the Royal Pavilion and the Palace Pier.


Finally, prepare for a fantastic experience at the much-awaited Brighton SEO Conference in 2024. In conclusion, take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and expertise offered by the impressive speaker lineup and boost your digital marketing game to the next level.

Attending this event will update your knowledge base and learn about the latest advancements in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, take advantage of the chance to participate in this valuable experience. So, save April 25 and 26, 2024, on your calendars and see us at the Brighton Centre in the beautiful UK city of Brighton.

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