Campixx Germany Conference: Everything To Know

Campixx Germany Conference is a distinctive conference dedicated to marketing specialists of all categories. It aims to provide comprehensive knowledge of SEO and content marketing approaches.

Campixx Germany Conference

While not a traditional conference, it provides an exciting and active learning environment with a festival theme.

What is Campixx?

Campixx Germany Conference is a far cry from those dull, boring conferences where you tend to doze off. It dismisses the tedious teaching formality and combines Education with excitement in a festival setting.

Imagine a world where the great minds of SEO and content marketing present their knowledge in speeches, webinars, or meetings while creating an active community where you can grow, tell your stories, and get inspired by other like-minded marketers.

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Mark Your Calendars

The Campixx Marketing Events are set for June 13th and June 14th. Catch up with them soon in Berlin, Germany! This is your opportunity to get up to date with all the focused developments and approaches, along with a proactive audience of marketing enthusiasts.

Campixx Germany Conference: What’s On The Agenda?

The marketing event entails a list of elements. These are guaranteed to help you open your mind to new ideas and different points of view. Here’s a list of what awaits you in the event:

Inspiring Keynote Speeches:

If a graphic designer has to present a topic or an idea, they will no longer have to sit down, bend forward, and read from the projector.

Campixx Germany Conference

Campixx Germany Conference attracts industry leaders who can entice the audience with their speeches and ideas, igniting people’s creative fire. They’ll give you information and tips for valuable and exciting real-life experiences.

Actionable Workshops:

Go beyond understanding with a great opportunity for specific interactive workshops shared by the most popular SEO and content marketing gurus. These are different from your usual boring ones. You can picture yourself having your sleeves rolled up with a team of experts as you incorporate specific SEO methods or develop content that will be most meaningful to the audience.

Engaging Panel Discussions: 

Campixx Germany Conference presents engaging speakers’ boards on topics that attract professionals from different fields. Here, you will discover how leading marketing minds explore, challenge, and explain the most burning issues since the top trends are discussed and analyzed.

Unforgettable Networking Events:

Campixx Germany Conference is not only about knowledge; it is about networking. To address this objective, they have devised unique networking events that could be more exciting.

Ponder on establishing worthwhile bonds and creating enduring bonds with other marketers within a casual and lively setting. These are not just some stiff shakes; these are potential for information exchange, profit experience sharing, and creating an impressive array of professionals that can improve your marketing career.

Energetic Closing Party: 

Enjoy the fruits of your labor at the epic closing party to ensure learning does not stop after the workshops. It is an opportunity to relax, interact with other marketers, and strengthen the relationships built during the event.

closing party

This is not your ordinary cocktail hour in a hotel; it’s an exciting and lively event followed by vigorous energy for marketing business.

Schedule for June 13th, 2024

9.00 am – 9.15 am: Marco Janck, on behalf of the Campixx team, will greet everyone in Room WINGMEN & Room GAMING

9.15 am—10.00 am: In Rooms WINGMEN and GAMING, Keynote BR will give an enthralling speech on the theme “Google grows when we grow.”

10.00 am – 10.30 am: Break

10.30 am – 11.00 am:

Lily Ray: “Rise of Spam, Hidden Gems, Major Google Updates: What Changed & How to Respond.”

Sascha Pallenberg: “How the Like button is destroying the Internet.”

Carsten Appel: “Conversion Site Clinic”

Philipp Koke: “SEO lever “UX” – With SXO’s new old ways via visibility to conversion.”

Sarah Zeus: “Data analysis with KNIME for beginners.”

Jochen Mebus: “AI Update from the Texting Market”

11.10 am – 11.30 am: Break.

11.30 am – 12.10 pm:

Hanns Kronenberg: “How does re-ranking work on Google?”

Payam Parniani: Employer Branding Videos – Bullsh*t free. Here’s how it works!

Andreas Meixensperger: How to large companies. How to find SEO allies in companies.

Hochwald | S. Winkler: From Moshpit to Market share

Stefan Godulla: Content clusters and topic modeling in SEO

Anja Rodionova: 7 strategies and tactics for more cost efficiency in the marketing mix

Joachim Nickel: Prove success: Make SEO visible with analytics

12.10 pm – 12.30 pm: Break

12.30 pm – 1.10 pm:

Niels Dahnke: Technical SEO with XML sitemaps.

Britta Behrens: LinkedIn 2024 Reloaded

Gökhan Tinaz: Automated data love. Own SEO tool as the key to efficiency and SEO success.

Natalie Juwan: Turn your employees into content influencers

Kevin Kirchhoff: 5 automation hacks with Python for daily SEO work

Anna Flimm: OMT: A look behind the scenes of the Online Marketing Magazine

1.10 pm – 2.30 pm: Lunch Break

2.30 pm – 3.10 pm:

Alexander Rus: User signals. How do you convince users of the first impression and deliver?

Ulrike Roeseberg: Your video content

Tobias Schwarz: The state of JavaScript crawling

Sascha Zöller: What marketing can learn from television

Ralf Seybold: Link building for EEAT and AI

Fabian Auler: SEO, Content & Philosophy – X questions to solve typical SEO & CM problems:

Christian Tembrink: AIDA & Funnel are a thing of the past: Secret marketing frameworks + AI prompts

3.10 pm – 3.30 pm: Break

3.30 pm – 4.10 pm:

Thomas Thaler: How do you hack advertising accounts and best protect yourself from them?

Benjamin Szturmaj: Google SGE. How the Search Generative Experience works

Dina Brandt: How do I build a personal brand without becoming a self-promoter?

Maike Schultze-Rhonhof: Digital content for everyone. Basics and principles of website accessibility

Judith Veith | Laura Böhm: Strategic theme worlds: The key to content efficiency and top ranking

Severin Lucks: The 1 Million €€€ Website

4.10 pm – 4.30 pm: Break

4.30 pm – 5.10 pm:

Johannes Beus: Google AI vs. SEO: What will search look like in the future?

Andrea Ballschuh: Impress in videos – tips for more impact in front of the camera

Franziska Großmann: Strategies and processes for top-notch SEO content

Kauffmann | R. Freitag: Dance on my grave

Laura Perlitz: Become a Google Sheets Ninja. Hacks & Templates for SEOs

Bernhard Prange: ChatGPT Feed Creator – with minimal product data for an optimized feed

Raoul Schreck: Automating SEO processes with AI

5.10 pm – 5.30 pm: Break

5.30 pm – 6.10 pm:

Paul Lanzerstorfer | Robert Bogner: 100 million views on TikTok, and what does that mean now?

Chantal Sebrantke: Psychological patterns and their power over SEO

Stefan Fischerländer: Derive concrete measures from the Google Search Console

Markus Tirok: From the hunted to the sought-after

6.00 clock: Focus on Peace, Joy, Dinner, Evening Program & Pooled Force Rounds

June 14th, 2024

9.00 am – 10.00 am: Keynote Speaker (TBA)

10.00 am – 10.30 am: Break

10.30 am – 11.10 am:

Matthäus Michalik: Localize, optimize, and dominate: International SEO with AI

Rudolph | Ottersbach: AI Wiki: From research to scalable topic clusters for more patients in practice

Rene Dhemant: Champagne Vision—Beer Standards. Insights from over 50 SEO audits

Combo session part 1:

Sven Deutschländer: Maximum good landing pages without compromises

Sebastian Adler: Confetti and balloons instead of code cells and data frames. Nerd stuff for non-nerds

Kerstin Müller: LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for your marketing

11.10 am – 11.30 am: break

11.30 am – 12.10 am:

Sebastian Erlhofer: SEOmize or optimize? The art of choosing the proper SEO measures

Beatrice Köhler: Local backlinks for more regional visibility

Combo Session Part 2

Christiane Sternberger: Text Turbo

Patrick Gundlach: Effective GA4 data extraction with BigQuery

Jonas Kammerer: 50 brilliant B2B hacks that will scale your business

12.10 pm – 12.30 pm: Break

12.30 pm – 1.10 pm:

Hülsen | Stelzner: How Google Works (2024 Edition)

Florian Hommeyer: “I can’t because…”  the best excuses against content (and their solution)

Daniel Niedermayer: Google SGE: Revolution in e-commerce? Embracing and scaling the buying intent

Sebastian Eisenbürger: Marketing Automation Hacks—Pragmatic tips that (almost) everyone should implement

Andreas Röne: How to connect Screaming Frog directly to KNIME

Sandra Karner: The biggest lever: How to develop a high-performance team

1.10 pm – 2.30 pm: Lunch Break

2.30 pm – 3.10 pm:

Christian Kunz: New Google features and updates: What is relevant?

Christoph Gruhn: Find your best pricing model

Sören Bendig: SEO business case calculation for more budget and better priorities:

Sarah Sunderbrink: Reach the right target groups with social media community management.

Daniel Schramm: Google hit me (one more time)

Susanne Trautmann: Magnetic ideas for your content marketing. Go-to-market-made-easy

3.10 pm – 3.30 pm: Break

3.30 pm – 4.10 pm:

Björn Darko & Jens Polomski: SEOPRESSO Live Podcast SEO with AI – Use AI tools for more efficient SEO

Reinhold Nawroth: You can do it like that… a journey through time, or not?

Regina Biskop: How to screw up a web relaunch

Martin Schirmbacher: When AI meets law: What to consider when using AI tools in online marketing

Nadine Wolff: Accessibility Strengthening Act—The first law to give us more visibility?

Caroline Monteiro: How and why PR and marketing belong together

4.10 pm – 4.30 pm: Break

4.30 pm – 5.10 pm:

Fabian Jaeckert: How to chat live with your Search Console

Jens Altmann: Build your own LLM. Learn more about your content with AI.

Lisa Augustin: Maximum visibility: How SERPs increase attention

Gordon Schönwälder: This way, you can measure the success of your podcast much better and more efficiently.

Sascha Blank: Competitor monitoring with Screaming Frog

5.15 pm – 5.30 pm: Farewell.

The Panelists and Keynote Speakers:

Marco Janck:

Lily Ray: Lily Ray is an SEO Professional, DJ, and drummer based in Brooklyn and NYC. She is currently the Vice President of SEO Strategy and Research at Amsive.

Sascha Pallenberg: Sascha Pallenberg is a German technology journalist and entrepreneur living in Taipei. He is known for his work in the tech industry and his contributions to technology journalism.

Carsten Appel: Boasting an engineering degree in web development, he did many customer projects at the conversion agency in Sitefuchs.

Philipp Koke: An e-commerce and online marketing expert, Philipp Koke is recognized for Koke.Digital, which he founded and is the CEO of.

Sarah Zeus: Sarah Zeus is an expert in social networking and digital public relations who develops content that appeals to audiences and elicits the right reactions.

Jochen Mebus: Jochen Mebus is an expert in digital sales, particularly marketing automation and using data to improve the sales process and customer loyalty.

Hanns Kronenberg: Hanns Kronenberg is an SEO expert and author. He specializes in Search Engine Optimization and has significantly shaped the industry through his work.

Payam Parniani: As a digital strategist with marketing business solutions, Payam Parniani will use new methods to improve marketing capability and customer satisfaction.

Andreas Meixensperger: Meixensperger is a well-known expert in digital transition. He has helped several firms optimize their IT strategies and adapt to digital environments.

Hochwald | S. Winkler: This dynamic duo offers expertise in digital marketing and content strategy. They are committed to producing rewarding campaigns that generate consumer attention.

Stefan Godulla: Stefan Godulla is the Director of Business Intelligence at a leading ad network company specializing in data-driven marketing.

Anja Rodionova: Anja Rodionova is well-experienced in content marketing and storytelling because she has created interesting content that would compel potential customers to do business with her company or product.

Joachim Nickel: Joachim Nickel has years of experience in online marketing with a specific focus on SEO consulting and business promotion.

Niels Dahnke: Niels Dahnke’s areas of expertise are performance marketing and digital analytics. He focuses on enhancing marketing initiatives for the highest possible ROI.

Britta Behrens: Britta Behrens is an expert in social media strategy and quite good at generating content that would be effective and useful in fostering the right kind of communities online.

Gökhan Tinaz: Gökhan Tinaz is a leading digital marketing and SEO master with expertise in maximizing website ranking and successful promotion to target organic traffic.

Natalie Juwan: Natalie Juwan is devoted to influencer marketing and branding. She uses social media influencers to augment brand awareness.

Kevin Kirchhoff:  Kevin Kirchhoff has been working on digital advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) interventions. He has a strict emphasis on effective ads and goals to be met.

Anna Flimm: Anna Flimm is experienced in SEO and content marketing. She also assists businesses in developing content that can rank and attract the right targeted traffic.

Alexander Rus: Alexander Rus is an SEO marketer and the owner of Evergreen Media. He is credited with providing an innovative touch to search engine Marketing and content.

Ulrike Roeseberg:  Ulrike Roeseberg is knowledgeable about digital PR and Internet communications, having developed strategies for companies that endeavor to maintain or regain control over their reputations and messages within today’s media.

Tobias Schwarz: Tobias Schwarz is an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce development, emphasizing effective approaches for attracting customers and making sales in the internet space.

Sascha Zöller: Marketer Sascha Zöller is dedicated to providing best practices for digital transformation and IT management to actualize technology value in enterprises.

Ralf Seybold: Ralf Seybold is an SEO consultant and digital marketer who provides tips on enhancing classifieds website listings, search engine ranking, and other aspects of online presence.

Fabian Auler: Fabian Auler is a professional in search engine optimization and online marketing who offers services to improve organic search rankings and traffic.

Christian Tembrink: Christian Tembrink is a digital marketing and internet marketing strategy professional with ample experience developing internet marketing campaigns.

Thomas Thaler: Thomas Thaler specializes in SEO and digital analytics. This involves collecting data to analyze marketing strategies and campaigns for improved effectiveness.

Benjamin Szturmaj:  Benjamin Szturmaj is renowned for his SEO and digital advertising work. He has been helping businesses enhance their online presence through strategic ad placements.

Dina Brandt: Dina Brandt is a digital marketing professional studying social media and the creation of materials and promotional campaigns that would interest potential customers. 

Maike Schultze-Rhonhof: Maike Schultze-Rhonhof is also an expert in content strategy or how brands should create and distribute content to achieve the best results. 

Judith Veith | Laura Böhm: These two are skilled not only in designing and administering content that can be placed on the internet but also in overseeing social media platforms that improve the organization’s public interaction and product reception. 

Severin Lucks: Severin Lucks is an SEO specialist and a digital marketer. He possesses the unique skills to increase keyword exposure and increase organic traffic.

Johannes Beus: Johannes Beus established SISTRIX, an SEO tool company, and currently serves as its CEO. He is also well-known as an internet marketing analyst and an SEO specialist.

Andrea Ballschuh: In the media realm, Andrea Ballschuh generates fascinating content and communication strategies for the present digital era. 

Franziska Großmann: Franziska Großmann is a professional in the discipline of SEO and internet marketing, focusing on improving the prominence of websites in search engine outcomes.

Kauffmann | R. Freitag: The two are well-known for their dedication to online marketing, digital strategy, and enterprise; together, they assist companies in thriving in their efforts to promote themselves online. 

Laura Perlitz:  Laura Perlitz has a professional background in digital communications and content marketing with a special emphasis on developing effective strategies and tools to improve brand awareness and stimulative response. 

Bernhard Prange: Bernhard Prange is an SEO and digital marketing professional, a master with the best skills in searching the ranking techniques to enhance SEO. 

Raoul Schreck: Raoul Schreck’s specialization is digital transformation and Information Technology strategy. He assists organizations in embracing new technologies for operations enhancement.

Campixx Venue:  Van Der Valk Hotel

The venue offers a modern and impressive setting, boasting a four-star superior business location conveniently situated with direct motorway access on the southern Berlin Ring. Accessibility matters greatly for those in attendance, as we’re situated close to the bustling cities of Berlin and Potsdam, plus Berlin-Brandenburg Airport.

Van Der Valk Hotel

The Van der Valk Hotel offers guests an opulent haven with its 270 comfortable hotel rooms and suites. While the Havana Bar, replete with a Habanos Smokers Lounge, offers an elegant ambiance for relaxing after a long day, the Atrium Restaurant offers delicious consumption of choices.

The large outdoor spaces allow plenty of room for relaxation and enjoyment. The scene is ideal for any occasion, whether visitors stroll through the landscaped areas or sip cocktails on the terrace.

In the separate conference center, attendees can expect top-notch sessions, networking opportunities, valuable information, and entertainment.


Offering 400 free car parking spaces and 8 bus parking spaces on the hotel grounds. Electric vehicles can also be charged at 4 Fastned quick-charging stations and 8 Tesla Superchargers.

Registration and Cost

Are you planning to participate? This section details the registration process and the associated costs for the Campixx Germany Conference. Having this information upfront will help you plan your participation smoothly.

Campixx Germany Conference tickets

Standard Tickets

This ticket includes a 2-day on-site conference with access to all lectures, participation in the evening program, and food and drinks. (Pay by Card Only)

One ticket costs 799 Euros.

You get a 15% discount on three tickets, a 20% discount on five tickets, and a 25% discount on ten tickets.

Youth Tickets

This is a Campixx Student Ticket for 13th-14th June.

This ticket includes a 2-day on-site conference with access to all lectures, participation in the evening program, and food and drinks (Card Payment only).

One ticket costs 249 euros.

Add-On Tickets

It is only valid in conjunction with a Campixx ticket.

Pooled Force – Campixx 2024

This ticket gives access to the Pooled Force rounds on the first and second evenings of Campixx Germany Conference 2024.

A maximum of 15 participants discuss topics that concern them, develop ideas together, or discuss the day’s content at the end of the day (7.00 pm—10.00 pm approx). The topics are not set thematically but are instead chosen dynamically. One thing to keep in mind is that all issues discussed are confidential. Hence, one can speak one’s mind.

This ticket costs 99 Euros.

Post-Conference Action 

To maximize your Campixx Germany Conference experience, review your notes and key takeaways to reinforce what you have learned. Connect on LinkedIn with presenters and other attendees to continue networking and conversations.

Remember to explore further issues of interest using any post-conference materials or resources the conference organizers might have provided. This may increase the value of your conference experience and advance your professional growth.


Campixx Germany Conference provides excellent opportunities for education, career advancement, and networking. By applying acquired knowledge, networking with colleagues, and utilizing resources provided after the conference, participants might further develop their abilities and propel triumph in the ever-changing marketing realm.

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