eTail Palm Springs 2024

As the technology around us advances, bringing everything to a digital platform, digital marketing has gained new popularity. Awareness of the recent trends in the e-commerce world is imperative. eTail Palm Springs 2024 is the best place to start your e-commerce journey.

This article will capture all the aspects of the eTail Palm Springs 2024 event. This will include information about

  • The agenda of eTail Palm Springs
  • Topics covered include emerging technologies, future strategy, supply chain optimization, etc.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ticket and registration

eTail Palm Springs is a renowned conference that takes place worldwide. It not only focuses on the current trends but also predicts future trends and strategies to adapt.

It is a convergence point for all global marketers, business entrepreneurs, industrialists, and enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the eTail Palm Springs 2024 without any further adieu.

What is eTail Palm Springs 2024?

If you are new to digital marketing, this may be an unfamiliar area. But if you want to kickstart your career in this field, this is the place to be.

What is eTail Palm Springs 2024?

eTail Palm Springs is the gathering point for all industrialists, entrepreneurs, and marketing enthusiasts to discuss the current trends in online retail. It is a medium that brings these people together to improve the digital marketing scenario.

eTail Palm Springs has been one of the longest-running e-commerce in the industry. From its beginning in 1999 to running 16 successful conferences, eTail has grown with the people participating. It is one of the best because of so many reasons like:-

  • Actionable tactics from experienced professionals
  • Interactive sessions
  • Huge networking opportunity
  • Friendly working atmosphere

eTail Palm Springs conferences over the years have tackled different topics. In 2020, they focused on increasing the focus on the digital marketing aspect.

The internet was the only place people could connect as the world was on lockdown. eTail learned the importance of this digital era and tried to optimize it. In 2023, they understood the change in technology due to the increased demand for AI.

They acknowledged and incorporated the new shift and made e-commerce platforms using AI. They used AI and Machine learning techniques to predict future trends in digital marketing.


The choice of venue for eTail Palm Springs is not just a logistical detail but an integral part of the overall experience.


Past editions have been hosted in top-tier venues known for their modern amenities and conducive environments for learning and networking. The 2024 edition is held in JW Marriott Springs, Palm Springs, CA, from 26 – 29 February 2024.


Speakers are the most integral part of any conference. They are the backbone of the entire eTail Palm Springs. They share their expertise and experiences with the people who can learn from them and incorporate these teachings into their work. The speakers at eTail are a bunch of renowned postholders. Only some people get this opportunity, like:-

Leaders in the Industry:

E-commerce conference keynote speakers frequently include prominent figures from well-known digital retail companies. These people have a wealth of experience, offering insights into market trends, winning tactics, and the direction of e-commerce.

Successful Entrepreneurs:

Conferences on e-commerce usually showcase prosperous business owners who have greatly influenced the sector. These people could talk about their own experiences, the lessons they’ve learned, and the creative strategies that helped their businesses succeed.

Experts in Digital Marketing: 

Considering digital marketing is essential to e-commerce, speakers frequently include authorities in this area. Effective online advertising, social media tactics, content marketing, and data-driven marketing techniques are a few of the subjects they might cover.


Some of the speakers who are taking part are:-

  • Kristin Shane- SVP & Chief Merchandising Officer at PetSmart
  • Drew Green – CEO & President at INDOCHINO
  • Dave Spector – Co-founder & Chairman at ThirdLove
  • Daniella Yacobovsky – Co-Founder at BaubleBar

Topics Covered

To meet the varied needs and interests of e-commerce professionals, the conference usually covers a wide range of topics. These topics are selected keeping in mind the wide range of people who will be attending this conference. There is something for everyone. Possible themes are:

Emerging Technologies: 

An overview of the newest technological advancements, such as blockchain and augmented reality, reshaping the e-commerce industry.

Customer Experience:

Techniques to raise customer satisfaction and loyalty with a focus on the value of smooth interactions and customized experiences.

Marketing Trends: 

Perceptive talks about the best marketing techniques, such as data-driven methods, social media trends, and influencer marketing.

Supply Chain Optimization:

Examining ways e-commerce companies can cut expenses, increase productivity, and simplify their supply chains.

Topics covered

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Changing Customer Behavior: 

In the digital age, it’s essential to recognize and adjust to shifting consumer preferences and actions.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities in these events are among the conference’s most essential and integral parts. Attending the conference and listening to the speakers’ experiences is crucial, but increasing your network circle is equally important. It opens new doorways to expand your business and your knowledge about the trends around you. You can learn from anywhere. You can expand your network in the following ways:-

Organizing Networking Events:

Sessions are planned to promote specific networking according to professions, interests, or industries. Participants can network with like-minded professionals, have meaningful conversations, and exchange business cards.

Engaging Roundtables and Workshops:

More personal interactions are possible through roundtable discussions and small-group workshops. By exchanging experiences, difficulties, and insights, participants can collaborate to solve problems and develop relationships.

Events for Speed Networking: 

Networking events that move quickly and involve brief, targeted conversations. Handy for establishing preliminary contacts, investigating possible partnerships, and effectively growing business networks.

Networking at Exhibition Halls: 

The exhibition hall is a central meeting place for attendees, exhibitors, and industry insiders. Visitors can look around exhibits, talk to sponsors, and connect with businesses that provide goods or services that interest them.

To celebrate the 25th eTail Event, there is a Casino Party on 26 February to celebrate in style and elegance. It is an excellent event for networking that can help you in the future.

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Ticket And Registration 

For professionals negotiating the ever-changing world of e-commerce, registering for eTail Palm Springs is more than just a conference expense.

Ticket and Registration `

The organizers have provided early-bird discounts, group rates, and exclusive packages to accommodate different budgets and company sizes. They are aware of the diverse needs of businesses. Early-bird registration fees encourage proactive engagement by enabling guests to reserve their seats at a lower price.

The registration procedure is made to be as easy to use and efficient as possible. The online platform guarantees a smooth experience by making it simple for participants to choose suitable packages, complete secure transactions, and go through the registration process.

Steps for Hassle-Free Registration:

  • Check out the Official Website
  • Create an Account
  • Choose a Registration Type and Examine the Registration Information
  • Put Your Data Here
  • Select Extra Choices
  • Check and certify the processing of payments.
  • Get Confirmation and Log in to the Attendee Portal
  • Install the Event App, if it’s accessible:

See if there is a mobile app specifically for the event. The app can improve your conference experience because it offers networking opportunities, the agenda for the event, and real-time updates.

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Q1) How much does registering for eTail Palm Springs 2024 cost?

A1) The cost of registering for eTail Palm Springs 2024 varies according to the kind of attendance and any packages chosen. Frequent early bird discounts, group rates, and special packages are available. It is advised to check the official event website for the most recent cost details and any available promotions.

Q2) How do I make sure networking at the conference runs smoothly?

A2) eTail Palm Springs provides social events, interactive workshops, and organized sessions to improve networking. Attendees are encouraged to use the conference’s online platforms and participate in networking tracks tailored to their industry. Participating in speed networking events and looking into exhibit hall opportunities can also help cultivate beneficial relationships.

Q3) After finishing the process, can I edit my registration information?

A3)In most cases, adjustments to registration data can be made. Usually, attendees can make changes by logging into their accounts on the event website. It is advised to contact the event organizers via the given contact channels if you have any specific questions or need help.


To sum up, eTail Palm Springs 2024 provides access to unmatched knowledge, connections, and creativity in the dynamic field of e-commerce. This conference is an essential investment for professionals looking to navigate the world of digital retail because of its inclusive pricing options, easy registration, and dedication to providing value.

Attendees may expect a life-changing experience where they will learn practical tactics, network with influential people in the field, and establish themselves as leaders in e-commerce. eTail Palm Springs is a strategic platform where professionals come together to shape the future of online retail, not just a conference.

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