Social Media Marketing World 2024

This SMM world event is for you if you want to explore and discover new marketing strategies to improve your results.

SMM Worlds, the social media marketing world of 2024, will happen from February 18 to February 20 in San Diego, California.

This event is a mega-conference for social media marketers hosted by examiners. You can expect to learn about the best marketing strategy, the latest trends, and the most effective techniques from industry experts.

So, if you want to know everything about SMM World 2024, read this article. We will cover every topic in detail.

Social Media Marketing World: San Diego, California – 2024

Social Media Examiner will host the SMM world event. This is a mega-conference for social media marketers. SMM World is happening from February 18 to 20 in San Diego, California.

In this event, you have an excellent opportunity to learn marketing strategies, the latest tools and techniques, and the best practices from the industry’s best experts.

The Social Media Marketing World 2024

SMM Worlds is the 11 annual social media marketing event, Where you can build your network with industry experts and discover new opportunities for your clients and business.

At this event, many things will happen: more than 100 sessions, workshops, and keynotes also covering topics like marketing strategy, organic social marketing, and paid social marketing. So, participants have an excellent chance to meet the top industry experts and learn from them.

Some names of these experts are Mari Smith, Jay Baer, Mark Schaefer, and many more. In addition, this event also allows you to discover new tools and resources. Also, you can join the many interset-based networking groups, such as B2B marketers, nonprofits, agencies, etc.

Venue For This Event

The Social Media Marketing World 2024 venue will be at the San Diego Convention Center. From 18 to 20 February 2024, located near the waterfront, it gives you a great view of the city and the bay.

The convention center is comfortable, extensive, and modern, with the capacity for up to 12000 people simultaneously.

Venue for this event

It has many meeting rooms, big exhibition halls, and fancy ballrooms. Additionally, the venue is very close to some incredible places like the Gaslamp Quarter, the USS Midway Museum, and the San Diego Zoo.


These popular speakers will share their valuable knowledge at the SMM World Conference.

Instructor for the Keynotes

Instructor for the keynotes

Paul Roetzer

Paul is the author of ‘Marketing Artificial Intelligence’ and a marketing AI expert.

Michael Stelzner

Michael is the founder of Social Media Examiner and the host of the popular social media marketing podcast.

Ann Handley

Ann is a bestselling author and speaker focusing on helping businesses achieve tangible results through effective marketing strategies. In addition, she currently serves as the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a B2B marketing training company.

Andrew Davis

Andrew is a well-known speaker and author. He has appeared in the New York Times and on the Today Show. Also, he now gives marketing courses on how to expand companies and leave a long-term legacy.

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Instructor for the Paid Social Marketing

These expert coaches show you how to capitalize on ads across all the major social media.

Instructor for the paid social marketing

Tara Zirker

Tara works with advertisers to get great returns on their Instagram ads, even on a tight budget, and also found the Prosperous Ads Club membership program.

Tim Burd

Tim is a Facebook advertising guru. His advertising firm, Agency Y, assists large companies in increasing profitability. In addition, he is the leader of the global Facebook Advertiser community. Additionally, Tim founded Founder’s Mastermind, an organization that helps entrepreneurs network and increase sales.

Ben Jones

Ben is a YouTube advertising guru who has assisted numerous companies in using YouTube ads to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Moreover, he is a co-founder of Titan Marketer and specializes in helping businesses expand; several of his clients have generated $100,000 in sales in the first 100 days with the help of trustworthy YouTube advertisements.

Andrea Vahl

Andrea is a speaker and Facebook ads expert who assists companies in expanding leads and sales without incurring excessive advertising costs. Not only is Andrea a very talented ad strategist, but she also acts stand-up comedy, so her training has double the fun factor.

Makewell Finn

Max is a TikTok ad strategist and one of Unicorn Innovations’s co-founders, a boutique marketing firm that helps eight- and nine-figure brands grow their Facebook and TikTok followings.

Aj Wilcox

The world’s leading LinkedIn ads expert, AJ, teaches companies to drive high-quality B2B leads at scale. Besides, He’s a self-diagnosed LinkedIn ads fanatic, the founder and CEO of B2Linked, and the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast host.

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Instructor for the Workshops

Instructor for the workshops

Ben Amos

Ben is a video strategist who enables links between marketers, creatives, business owners, and their target audiences. In addition to being the podcast host for Engage Video Marketing, he coaches hundreds of video strategists globally.

Melanie Deziel

Melanie is a highly sought-after speaker and a multi-award-winning creator of branded content who is enthusiastic about helping people, groups, and companies. She helps them reach their full creative ability and plan out their tasks.

Alex Cattoni

Co-founder of Copy Posse, a firm that uses copywriting to assist independent contractors and business owners in growing their enterprises, is marketing strategist Alex.

She has an easygoing and understanding approach to branding, marketing, and copywriting. Additionally, she has helped over 300,000 copywriters and business owners ignite their companies.

John Jantsch

An international trainer of small business marketers. Also, he is a TEDx speaker and top-selling author. Additionally, he teaches marketers how to maximize their marketing strategy, increase sales, and scale business growth through an organized approach.

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Q1. What is the Social Media Marketing World?

A. SMM World is a conference that brings experts together to share knowledge and strategies. Also, you can learn from the best experts, network with them, and learn new tools and trends.

Q2. When and where is the event?

A. The event will occur from February 18 to 20 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Q3. Who should attend the event?

A. Anyone who wants to improve their skills, learn from the experts, and connect with other marketers can attend this event.

Q4. How much does it cost to attend the event?

A. There are three plans available for these tickets:

  • All-Access ticket cost is $1,347
  • Marketer ticket cost is $997
  • On-Demand ticket cost is  $497
  • The streaming ticket cost is  $397

Prices may vary depending on the sale; please check the official site.


Social Media Examiner will host SMM World 2024 from the 18th to 20 February in San Diego, California, a leading online magazine that covers social media news, tips, and trends.

This event lets you network with thousands of other experts and discover various tools and resources. Also, you will enjoy the Vauois pirates and the event. More than 100 sessions include workshops and keynotes covering marketing strategy and paid social marketing.

This event is especially for you, the professional marketer who wants to improve your skills to the next level. And achieve good results. You can gain valuable knowledge from the industry’s top experts at this event. So you will build your career and crush your marketing goals.

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