State of Search, Texas: October 28-29, 2024

In the modern world of digital marketing, the State of Search Conference aims to keep up to date with various techniques like PPC, SEO, etc, which is crucial.

The State of Search Conference hosts various talks by experienced keynote speakers. These talks will give insights into essential aspects helpful for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. The speakers will address many crucial business problems and optimization tips. 

Let us look at how you can boost your knowledge and profits by registering for the State of Search Conference 2024, scheduled for 28 and 29 October.

State of Search Research 2024: Why Should You Attend?

This conference gives you a perfect platform to learn from the experience of actual practitioners and experts in digital marketing.

State of Search Research 2024: Why Should You Attend?

Get an insight into the case studies of successful digital marketing and optimization campaigns by various business owners. These case studies are relevant for in-house, agency, or traditional business owners.

Date: – 28 and 29th October 2024

Venue: – 1209 South Main Street

Grapevine, TX 76051

Booking Details

There are two types of tickets available.

1) In Person Conference Ticket

Price: – $397.00/person

(2 day event ticket, non-transferable)

2) Virtual Conference Ticket.

Price: – $197.00/person

(2-day event ticket, non-transferable, virtual only)

Terms and Conditions

The conference reserves all the exclusive rights to change the pricing as necessary.

Pricing -

Cancellation –

The last ticket cancellation date is October 1, 2024. Ticket refund shall be issued around 30 days after the State of Search event. Refunds will not be granted on any cancellations from October 1, 2024.

Transfer –

If you cannot attend, the State of Search may allow you to transfer your registration to another person by emailing the necessary information to with your request.

Photo ID –

All attendees must have a Photo ID to check in at the conference.

Ticket Sharing –

Ticket sharing shall not be allowed. Each person attending should have a ticket in their name.

Let’s Talk About Learning and Experience

The confe­rence offers a busy sche­dule filled with sessions, workshops, and chance­s to network. Participants have a wide selection of topics to choose from, including:

AI and the Future­ of Search:

Unveiling the Influe­nce of Artificial Intelligence­ on Search Engine Algorithms and its Impact on the Future­ of Digital Marketing. AI is dominating the world of search e­ngine algorithms, transforming the landscape of digital marke­ting as we know it. In this narrative, we will de­lve into AI’s profound impact on search.

AI and the Future­ of Search:

Mastering the techniques and best practices to dominate local search results is crucial for effective local SEO strategies. By implementing these procedures, businesse­s can improve their online­/offline presence and attract a better customer base in the­ir

Content marke­ting that converts:

It creates persuasive­ and captivating content that generate­s website visitors, potential customers, and sales. Mastering advanced PPC tactics in paid advertising is like becoming a true artist and scientist. It’s all about maximizing your return on inve­stment (ROI) and achieving success in this digital marke­ting. 

Learn tricks of the trade from experts. Find what’s new in the world of search technology.Mee­t like-minded people for setting a network groundwork. Get invigorate­d to elevate your digital marke­ting moves. Be part of the upcoming State­ of Search Conference­.

It’s a journey of knowledge, connections, and motivation. Sign up now and dive into the active digital marke­ting scene.

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Previous Year Speakers and Topics

1) Keynote Speaker: Alicia Maples

Topic: Unlocking 5-Star Reviews: Customer Journeys, Neuroscience, and Strategic Review Requests.

2) Keynote Speaker: Brett Tabke

Topic: Unleashing the Future:

Navigating the AI revolution with ChatGPT.

3) Keynote Speaker: Duane Forrester

Topic: Closing the Year

Industry Experts and Business Owners

Previous year Speakers and Topics

Speaker: Jeremy Vest

Company: Creator Unlock

Topic: Master Snackable Video for SEO

Short & Sweet Videos, Big SEO Boost. Learn how to make bite-sized videos that rank high and get noticed!

Speaker: Erin Jones

Company: Sterling Sky

Topic: Choosing the right location

Launch your business without breaking the bank! Discover cost-effective location strategies for entrepreneurs.

Speaker: Eric Enge

Company: Pilot Holding Inc.

Topic: AI and SEO: Real-world case studies of the impact

SEO revolutionized! AI automates tasks and boosts your website traffic. Use and optimize AI and watch your rankings climb.

Speaker: Damon Gochneaur

Company: Boathouse Agency

Topic: Paid Search in Healthcare

Target patients searching for your services, get immediate results, and see your ROI grow.

Partner with paid search experts to manage campaigns and maximize success.

Speaker: Mike Melen

Company: Smartsites

Topic: 10x Your Organic SEO Efforts with ChatGPT

Your secret weapon for SEO! Learn how to use this powerful tool to 10x your organic traffic. Watch now and unlock your website’s potential.

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Speaker: Mandy Politi

Company: Optidge

Topic: Using Linguistics to Create Content that Ranks

Unlock the secrets of SEO with linguistics! Discover how understanding language can make your content rank higher. Learn NLP, discourse analysis, and more.

Speaker: Fili Weise

Company: Fili

Topic: 404- SEO Friend or Foe?

404 errors: bad for SEO? Not necessarily! Fix broken links and create a user-friendly 404 page. Turn errors into opportunities for better ranking and user experience!

Speaker: Tony Wright

Company: Wright Inc.

Topic: Client Management 101 – For Agency and In-House

Keep clients happy, management tips for agencies and in-house teams. Communicate, set expectations, and build trust for long-lasting success. Meet regularly, use tools, be flexible, and celebrate together.

Speaker: Dan Bronson

Company: Impaqx

Topic: Google Analytics for gaps and how to fill them

Identify and close performance gaps with website analytics! Analyze traffic sources, user behavior, conversions, and KPIs. Use targeted strategies to fill the gaps and optimize your website.

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Speaker: Martha Van Berkel

Company: Schema App

Topic: Schema Markup + AI

Schema markup combined with AI makes a powerful SEO. Automatically generate schema markup, update dynamically, personalize content, and analyze competitors. Increase traffic, clicks, and brand awareness with this winning combo.

More such speakers shared their learnings and tips. These recordings are available on the State of Search Conference YouTube channel.

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